16 accidents and 19 people fatalities recorded in NW

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The Department of Public Safety in the North West says they have recorded 16 road accidents in which 19 people died, since the beginning of the Easter period.

The department says this is a preliminary report as the number might increase as people make their way home after the Easter break.

Schools re-open on Wednesday.

Chief Provincial Inspector Justice Tshabile says some roads are still problematic.

“We are having 16 (accidents). From the 16, we have 19 fatalities, but again our N4 as well as this road, the R503 but our biggest challenge when coming to accidents as well as the N18, when you reach Mahikeng at Makhubung area, it’s where most our accidents are happening. Mostly on the N18 its stray animals that cause accidents on that particular road,” says Tshabile.

Motorists say more visibility from law enforcers is needed.

“The traffic is bad but it is bad between Klerksdorp and Coligny, but everything runs smoothly after Coligny to Lichtenburg,” says one motorist.

“We are happy with the visibility of traffic officers and traffic was flowing nice,” says another motorists.

“Traffic (offiers) are doing their job and were doing their job and the road is clear,” adds another.

‘Most accidents on SA’s roads are caused by human error’: Sindiswa Chikunga

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