236 new medical interns placed across Northern Cape hospitals

The Northern Cape Health department has kicked off the new year by welcoming a new cohort of medical interns, who will be placed at all five districts in the province. The 236 interns include medical doctors, radiologists and physiotherapists.

They are expected to bring relief at public healthcare facilities. Local authorities say in a province where over 70%of the population has no medical insurance, the services of the young professionals will be impactful.

“This is a huge relief, because healthcare is about hands. You need extra hands it’s not about theory. You need physical people to really help you. It enhances our work to speed up the backlogs we are having. Interns do work through the theatres, or at maternity, so the more hands we get at the health department is always a relief,” says Northern Cape Heath MEC, Maruping Lekwene.

The Northern Cape health sector currently has a vacancy rate of 17%. Professional nurses top the list. It’s expected that the medical interns received in the province will help in rolling-out public healthcare services. Dr. Usama Anjum and Dr. Mpho Ratlhaga are part of the new cohort of medical interns, who will be placed at the five districts of the province.

“I’ve always been an impatient person, so I always thought helping people as efficiently as possible is the best way for me. I’ve been placed at General Surgery. For this year my place is to get as much exposure and experience, help the community”, says Dr Anjum.

Meanwhile, an anxious Dr Ratlhaga says, “I hear that it’s not an academic institution so am really curious about what is going to take place and it also makes me kind of anxious. But I look forward to it. I am excited and ready to take the challenge on.”

Northern Cape health department welcomes new cohort of medical interns:

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