A female candidate may emerge as the next North West Premier: Analyst

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Political analyst Andre Duvenhage says there is a possibility that a female candidate may emerge as the next Premier in the North West if the African National Congress (ANC) is victorious in the upcoming national and provincial elections.

ANC chairperson in the province Nono Maloyi’s name does not appear on the list of those who will represent the party on a provincial or national level.

Duvenhage says, “Nono Maloyi is positioning himself outside the fire lines and to become Premier at this point can be very dangerous. It may be better for him to keep outside of North West politics and the day-to-day workings of the North West politics. It is highly likely due to the ANC model of representative, a woman will be in control of North West and I think we can expect that.”

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) Secretary in the province, Kopano Konopi says, “We also welcome the decision of the ANC chairperson for not going to the legislature. This proves that the position in the ANC is not a ticket that takes people to the legislature.”

The North West ANC Youth League’s Motebang Mohlomi says they are satisfied with the list submitted by the party.

Mohlomi says, “We are happy with the inclusion of persons living with disabilities, women and most importantly, we are happy with the inclusion of young people in the list of provincial legislatures and National Assembly.”

VIDEO: ANC North West | List of candidates for legislature submitted:

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