Adnan Sami: Adnan Sami revealed how he lost 130 kg, said- this decision was very difficult

Adnan Sami: Adnan Sami (Adnan Sami) Hardly anyone will not like the songs of His songs have created a special place in the hearts of the fans. His songs are very famous in India as well as in other countries. He has given many hit songs like ‘Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein’, ‘Lift Kara De’, ‘Tera Chehra’, ‘Kabhi To Nazar Milao’.

On the other hand, Adnan Sami surprised everyone by reducing his weight by 130 kilos a few years ago. Many questions arose on how he lost so many kilos and became fit.

Some people said that the singer did not lose weight with the help of surgery. At the same time, Adnan has issued his statement on this.

Adnan Sami said this

Recently while talking to Mashable India, she said, ‘There is a huge question mark on how I lost my weight. People thought, ‘He got surgery done, liposuction done’, none of it was done with any kind of surgical intervention.’

The singer told, ‘I was 230 kg and the doctor in London gave me an ultimatum. He told me that the way you are living your life, I would not be surprised if your parents find you dead in a hotel room in six months. My father was listening to this whole conversation. He had a very emotional conversation with me that evening.

He said, ‘I have suffered everything you had to suffer. I have been with you in every happiness and sorrow. I have always held your hand and never asked you for anything. But I have only one request, you have to bury me. I cannot bury you, no father can bury his child.’

At that time Adnan had ‘promised’ his father that he would lose weight. After this he told that ‘I went to Texas and there I met a wonderful nutritionist. He then completely changed my lifestyle and told me that I would have to stick to this lifestyle for the rest of my life.’

Got citizenship of India this year

Adnan Sami made his debut in the Hindi film industry with the song “Tu Sirf Mera Mehboob” for the 2001 film Ajnabee. The singer became a citizen of India in 2016, after renouncing his Pakistani citizenship. He was awarded the Padma Shri in January 2020 for his contribution in the field of arts.

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