All-round celebrations break out as woman welcomes quadruplets after 18 years of childlessness

After 18 years of childlessness, woman happily welcomes her quadruplets, sparking widespread celebrations.

The video showed the woman’s thrilled celebration of the birth of two sons and two daughters after 18 years of marriage.

Her relatives and friends were spotted dancing and excitedly tossing powder in celebration of the great news. The caption on the video read: “unto say mama born quadruplets (2 boys, 2 girls) after 18 years of marriage.”


Reacting to the post;

Tes Tes said: “Incredible. To those seeking, yours too shall come.”

Respeck Kaka said: “What God cannot do does not exist”

Dr. Mary said: “Good news That’s what we want to hear”

Oluwatobi queried: “Brings me to the question… how do they give birth to so many after waiting for such a long time????”

Sir Supreme Wan said: “Glory to God, but make Baba still run DNA o”

Iwunna said: “May God provide for her. It’s not easy. I know wetin my eyes for twins, e come be quadruplets.

Those wishing to have twins don’t know what they are wishing for”

LEKAN asked: “What’s the essence of this powder pouring??”

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