Alpha Males: Review, Plot, Cast and Crew, Director, Spoilers, Streaming Platform and More

The review of Alpha Males finds it to be a wholesome drama with performances that are natural

In the movie ‘Alpha Males,’ four of the greatest friends in the world struggle to learn more about their toxic masculinity while simultaneously adjusting their individual lives to be more acceptable to the ladies in their life. The series is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Best friends Santi, Luis, Raul, and Pedro are all aware of their sexist tendencies and are eager to improve their understanding of how their toxic masculinity affects them by enrolling in a class that focuses on the deconstruction of masculinity.

A woman causes Pedro to be fired from his job at a television network. When Daniela, Pedro’s wife, found out that her husband had lost his job, she immediately got up and started looking for other ways to make money.

She has goals of establishing herself as a social media influencer and providing for her family with the money that she makes from doing so. Pedro does not support her daring endeavors and is continually critical of her, despite the fact that she is only trying to assist others.

Alpha Males
Alpha Males

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Alpha Males: Plot

Raul’s intention is to quit cheating on his girlfriend, Luz, and to eventually propose to her for marriage, but he suddenly feels uneasy about doing so when Luz suggests that they have an open relationship instead of a monogamous one.

When Santi’s daughter urges him to go on dates set up by her, he gradually begins to adjust to the contemporary dating norms that have emerged in recent decades. In the meantime, he starts to worry about his daughter, who is also going through a period of trying to figure out her sexuality.

Last but not least, Luis and his wife Esther have difficulty becoming intimate with one another and are searching for new ways to rekindle the spark that formerly existed between them so that they can enjoy themselves sexually once more.

Performances Everyone in the lead cast gives a natural and unaffected reading. It’s not quite accurate to say that Pedro, Luis, Santi, or Raul are sexist characters. ‘They are, in reality, rather average guys, but the ladies in their lives tend to overpower them and put them in the background.

Keeping this in mind, the main cast has not in any way been making an effort to appear or sound sexist in any way. They have been willing to move with the flow and have undergone a gradual transformation in response to each new discovery made by their character.

In a similar vein, these males are surrounded by powerful women, and the female cast does not make an excessive amount of effort to establish their presence over the more chauvinist characters in the show. Everything develops in an entirely natural way.

The show as a whole offers a compelling backstory for each and every one of the characters. They are each dealing with a unique emergency in their life. Their issues are one of a kind, which makes them entertaining, recognizable, and exciting all at the same time.

The comedic timing and the joke delivery are spot on. There is not a single joke that feels forced. The majority of the time, these jokes are based on the most embarrassing circumstances that the characters are in.

In its whole, the show is nothing less than a dramatization of everyday life. There is no pressing need to reach a conclusion right now.

Everything moves along at a good clip, and even the spectators will admit that they want to see the main character’s life eventually begin to turn around.

Alpha Males
Alpha Males

Alpha Males: Review

The show, for the most part, tends to place a lot of emphasis on the difficulties that are taking place in the lives of the characters. As a result of the audience getting preoccupied with these issues, the play does not always effectively convey the message that it intends to convey.

The fact that the main characters do not engage in sexism in any significant way is another factor that may contribute to the viewers’ inability, at times, to recognize the message that is being conveyed to them.

The verdict is that Alpha Males is most definitely a family-friendly drama that handles delicate subject matter with delicacy and humor at the same time. It is definitely something you should see all at once, as it is packed with amusing and awkward scenarios that don’t take away from the overall meaning of the series.

The premiere of Alpha Males, a new Spanish comedy series produced by Netflix and set to debut on the service on Friday, December 30, 2022 at 3 am Eastern Time, is anticipated.

The plot of the series focuses on a group of four friends who are in their middle years and are attempting to come to terms with the different personal issues and challenges they face while also attempting to make sense of the ever-changing intricacies of life in today’s world.

Alpha Males: Director

The series is directed by Alberto Caballero and Laura Caballero, who are both well-known in the cinema industry.

It features prominent roles for actors such as Fernando Gil, Maria Hervas, and a number of others. It is rumored that Contubernio Films is the company responsible for producing it.

Alpha Males, available on Netflix, is said to have an interesting narrative.

On December 12, 2022, Netflix released the official trailer for Alpha Males, which provided a glimpse into the intriguing lives of the four main protagonists as they dealt with a variety of personal concerns.

The first minute or so of the preview does a fantastic job of establishing the vibe of the show. There are a number of guys present at what appears to be a seminar, and the speaker is informing them that he will be discussing a “new understanding of what it is to be a man.”

During the course of dealing with their respective romantic relationships, the four friends are seen having conversations on sexism, feminism, and equality. The trailer as a whole keeps a lighthearted vibe going throughout, which is something that audiences that enjoy adult comedy are very likely to appreciate.

In addition to the video, Netflix has also provided a synopsis of the show, which can be found on the company’s official channel on YouTube. It reads as follows:

“Their New Year’s resolution is to avoid being the big mouth at every Christmas lunch.” “AlphaMales,” which comes from the same people who brought you “La que se avecina” and “Aqu no hay quien vive,” will premiere on Netflix on December 30.

Alpha Males
Alpha Males

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Alpha Males: Cast and Crew

Noted One of the most important parts of the movie is played by Fernando Gil, a Spanish actor. In the series, Gil plays the role of Pedro Aguilar, which he was born with.

Gil appears to be in excellent physical shape in the act, he is exhibiting his own distinct sense of humor, and he promises to produce an unforgettable performance.

In addition to his role in Alpha Males, Gil has participated in a wide variety of shows over the course of his career. Some of these series include Alex’s Strip, Anclados, and Dos aos y un da, to name just a few.

Actor Mara Hervás will also be starring in the film alongside Gil in an important role. The specifics of her work on the show are being kept under wraps for the time being, but viewers can anticipate that she will play a key part in the series.

Her performances in productions such as La que se avecina, Los Serrano, and Cómo sobrevivir a la despedida, amongst many others, have earned Hervás a significant amount of notoriety.

Actors Rael Tejon, Fele Martinez, and Gorka Otxoa, amongst a great many more, are among the supporting cast members of the film.

On Friday, December 30, 2022, at 3 am Eastern Time, Netflix will premiere the new Spanish comedy show Alpha Males. Don’t miss it!

Alpha Males
Alpha Males

Alpha Males: Spoilers

The first episode of the series finds Raul, Luis, Pedro, and Santi participating in a discussion about unhealthy forms of masculinity while seated in a seminar.

Three of the four friends admit to each other aloud that they are sexist, while the fourth buddy decides to leave. You’ll be surprised to learn that he goes back to the seminar in a later episode, which will be available for viewing.

As soon as the show began, it was clear that these four men are absolutely sexists, as they claim, and to tell the truth, they act in a manner that is consistent with their beliefs.

All four of these men, who are close friends, have a very difficult time following the example of women because they are always in the company of influential and astute females.

In the end, Pedro comes to the conclusion that his content creator girlfriend is foolish for trying to influence her followers, but in truth, she is doing her best to keep the finances going smoothly despite the fact that Pedro’s former coworker is a woman.

A screenshot from the television show “Alpha Males” on Netflix.

Luis has been so preoccupied with himself that he has been oblivious to the fact that he has not been providing his wife with any sex activity.

When Raul’s girlfriend Luz expresses interest in having an open relationship, he is taken aback because he wants to eventually propose to her and marry her.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Raul, who does have a sex buddy (or, to be more specific, a married side chick), doesn’t want Luz to be with other guys while he joyfully enjoys time with his sex buddy, Mmmh.

Finally, our great Santi is a divorcee who tries his best to forget his ex-wife by going on Tinder dates. However, he ends up breaking up with every lady he gives a chance to since he can’t get over his ex-wife.

As a responsible parent, Santi makes a concerted effort to shield her from the norms of this modern period. Although this is just the first glimpse into the lives of the four males, each subsequent episode delves deeper into their relationships with the various women in their lives.

Alpha Males
Alpha Males

Alpha Males: Streaming Platform

  • You should absolutely stream it. The excitement around Alpha Males is warranted, and you will have a good time watching it.
  • The players, the plot, the setting, and the gags are all improvised, and yet the show is quite well constructed. The conclusion of the show provides viewers with a valuable lesson to take away from it.
  • Simply log in to your Netflix account, search for “Alpha Males,” and sit back and laugh at the Spanish comedy. Also, when you have finished the series, please share your thoughts with us.

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