ANC failure to fix electricity crisis will be detrimental in 2024 election: Besani

The African National Congress (ANC) Head of Presidency Sibongile Besani says the ruling party will leave no stone unturned to ensure that South Africa sees the end of load shedding.

He says should the party fail to fix the electricity crisis, then it will be voted out of power in 2024’s general elections.

The ANC held its 2019 Election Manifesto Review at the Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto on Sunday where it reviewed its 2019 manifesto commitments.

Four years later, the governing party says out of the 220 commitments it made, it managed to implement at least more than 70 percent of them.

Besani says addressing the energy crisis in SA is their top priority.

“The issue of load shedding which is a big issue but if you look at how we managed to really tame it. There is resounding evidence that we can get rid of load shedding, so because we are working to make sure that it doesn’t become our daily experience and in the last few months when the president announced the minister of electricity. We’ve made serious strides; they are significant and again it is important to underscore that in as much as load shedding is a product of limitations and shortcomings on our part but it’s also a function of the work we have done having electrified SA from 30 percent to almost over 90 percent.”

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