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A well established interest in ecological security drives Andy Casagrande.

Andy sees it as his labor of love to urge others to become worried about the condition of the world’s reducing creature populaces.

He has recorded and delivered films for the absolute most esteemed telecom companies on the planet, including National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, FOX, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Andy Casagrande is likewise a maker and TV moderator.

Who is Andy Casagrande? ndy Brandy Casagrande IV, frequently known by his pseudonym ABC, is a cinematographer, field maker, and TV moderator who has won an Emmy Award.

He spends significant time in experience, and blue-chip nature narratives shot from one side of the planet to the other. Andy guarantees that he owes his fabulous way of life to the white sharks and thinks this is the situation. Born in New York City, Andy developed keen on sharks early on in the wake of seeing them on TV. From that point onward, he became focused on sharks and invested energy gaining every little thing about them from each source that would let him.

At the point when Andy was a grown-up, he chose to seek after a lifelong in shark science.

In 1996, he went to the Florida Institute of Technology and signed up for a sea life science class. Be that as it may, in the wake of noticing graduate understudies working with different other fish  species, Andy understood. He found that being a sea life researcher didn’t be guaranteed to mean spending the remainder of his life managing sharks alone. From that point onward, Andy reasoned that it was the ideal opportunity for a new beginning.

In the wake of moving on from FIT, he continued on toward seek after a degree in science at the University of Pittsburgh. From that point onward, Andy accepted his four year certification in brain science from California State University-Long Beach. Andy procured his four year college education in biopsychology in 2000 and graduated with distinction. In the wake of graduating school, Andy got a situation in a product business. In any case, he harbored constantly the expectation of one day working with sharks.

Casagrande likewise composed a melody about extraordinary white sharks in his recreation time. The music video for the melody highlighted film of him swimming external a shark confine on Guadalupe Island in Mexico. He played guitar while extraordinary white sharks swam languidly by in the scenery of the image. He chose to evaluate his karma and sent his video resume to three unique incredible white examination groups. He sent it to California, Australia, and South Africa, trusting one of them would recruit him.

How Did Andy Casagrande Become An Underwater Shooter? Unimaginably, the South African review group got back to Andy and offered him a situation as a submerged still photographic artist for their review for a long time.

In 2003, he took a Cape Town work booked for just three months. Nonetheless, Andy wound up working there for a very long time all things being equal. This incited him to settle there. After then, Andy changed from his still camera to his camcorder and began catching the movement of the sharks.

Before long, Andy inferred that he would need to plunge while safely outside the enclosure to catch the most OK video.

After two years, when a team from National Geographic got back to visit, Andy had arrived at the zenith of his dominance of the workmanship. The group perceived Andy’s capacity to catch remarkable movies. They gave him a situation on their staff in Washington, District of Columbia.

Andy Casagrande Wife Emma Walfridsson And Family With regards to his own life, Casagrande has been married to Emma Walfridsson, who is initially from Sweden, starting around 2010.

Andy met Emma Casagrande when he was out investigating, which additionally is by all accounts his line of business.

At the point when Emma initially met the one who might turn into her first love in 2007, she was in Tanzania, East Africa, in the Serengeti region renowned for the relocation of wild creatures.
Andy and Emma were immediately pulled to each other because of their common well established interest in nature.

Before Finally saying their commitments in 2010, the couple had been seeing each other for quite a long time. They are firm that they need next to no had some significant awareness of their relationship with general society. In any case, it is a notable truth that they are the glad guardians of two wonderful kids named Nova Fina and Ace.

At the point when Emma initially met her future spouse, she didn’t have a similar energy for photography as she has now. She was born and raised in Sweden and at last became engaged with the security of creatures.

All the more unequivocally, the mother of two has an enthusiasm for sharks and goes scuba jumping with her significant other to take photos of the possibly deadly animals. It’s one of the best relationship targets you can have right now to venture to the far corners of the planet with your better half and experience all that the planet offers.

Related to his soul mate, Andy has upheld for the security of sharks by acting in the limit of a representative for the non-benefit association known as Shark Angels.

Andy Casagrande’s Net Worth Filling in as a cinematographer and running Shark Week, it is accepted that Andy Casagrande has a total assets of north of 4,000,000 bucks.

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