anupama upcoming twist 1 jan 2023 anuj ask anupama to leave shah family for chhoti anu | Anupama upcoming twist: Anuj threatens divorce to Anupama, this twist will come in the show

New Delhi: Anupama upcoming twist 1 Jan 2023: Family drama is being seen these days in Star Plus’s popular show Anupama. It was seen in the last episode that Bapuji met with an accident. Whose blame will be on Anuj. In such a situation, a new twist will come in the show on the new year. Due to these twists and turns, Anupama’s show remains at number 1 in the TRP list. Let’s know what will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Bapuji will have an accident
In the upcoming episode of Anupama serial, it will be seen that Anuj moves ahead after leaving Bapuji on the way. As soon as Anuj moves forward. Bapuji will collide with a truck on the way. On the other hand, Baa will create ruckus in the house. It’s been a long time, Bapuji hasn’t come back yet. After which Anuj and the whole family will go out in search of Bapuji.

Anuj will threaten Anupama with divorce
Anupama gets very upset for Bapuji. Anuj gets upset due to this behavior of Anupama. Anuj tells his wife that she forgets everything in front of the Shah family. Anuj asks Anupama to choose between Shah family and younger Anu. Not only this, he also threatens to divorce Anupama. Actually Anuj tells Anupama that a new beginning has to be made on the new year. Otherwise little Anu and I will go away from you.

Anupama will take a decision
Anupama gets nervous after listening to Anuj. Even without wanting to, Anupama will distance herself from the Shah family. Baa does not like this thing. After this Baa tells the whole thing to son Vanraj. After which Vanraj decides to take care of the family.

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