Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Launched With USB Type-C Port

Apple has finally pulled the plug on its lightning port in favour of the modern USB Type-C. The company unveiled the iPhone 15 Series with a USB Type-C port in its latest launch event. Apple also surprised everyone by introducing a new version of the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with a USB Type-C-based charging case.

Along with the upgraded AirPods, the company also announced new features in iOS 17 to complement the AirPods. The latest version of iOS comes with adaptive audio for situation awareness, along with personalized volume controls.

Apple Brings USB Type-C Port to AirPods Pro 2nd Gen

Apple has launched a new charging case for the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with a USB Type-C port. While favouring the USB Type-C port, Apple has also retained support for MagSafe charging with the new case. The latest AirPods Pro 2nd Gen can now be charged using any USB Type-C cable, or any MagSafe and Qi-compatible wireless chargers.

The new case on the Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen uses the same Apple U1 chip for MagSafe charging. This helps the case to communicate with other MagSafe accessories, and initiate wireless charging in a safe manner.

Apple has not changed the audio specifications of the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen. It features the same set of TWS earbuds with an in-ear design while retaining all the nifty features like Active Noise Cancellation.

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 Gen are still powered by the Apple H2 headphone chip, which helps in features like spatial audio, loud noise reduction, ANC, transparency mode, and range amplification. They also come with beamforming microphones, skin detection sensors, and touch controls.

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen USB-C: Price and Availability

The new AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with USB Type-C is priced at Rs 24,900 in India. It is available to purchase on the Apple Online Store starting today. Apple will start shipping orders from September 22. Apple’s Online Store also offers free laser engraving on the case, where users can customize any design to personalize their AirPods.

The new USB Type-C AirPods Pro 2nd Gen will also be available at Apple’s Exclusive Offline Stores in Mumbai and Delhi, starting from September 22.

iOS 17 Features For AirPods

Apple has introduced three new features in iOS 17, to enhance the audio experience on iPhones with the AirPods. These are:

1. Adaptive Audio

The Adaptive Audio feature combines Apple’s Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation, based on the sound from the surroundings. This way, the user will be able to stay aware of the happenings around them, and extreme noises like vacuum cleaners and public noise are filtered out.

2. Conversation Awareness

The Conversation Awareness feature reduces the volume of music or any content played in the AirPods when it detects that you are speaking to someone else. It also helps to reduce the noise from the environment and enhance the sound from the speaker directly in your ears.

3. Personalised Volume

Apple has used Machine Learning in its new Personalized Volume feature. Your iPhone and AirPods can now adjust volume levels automatically based on your usage pattern depending on factors such as time of the day, surrounding noises, etc.

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