Apple May Unveil the First MacBook With Foldable Display in 2025 and Launch in 2026

Plenty of brands are working on smartphones with foldable displays but only a handful when it comes to laptops. Asus and Lenovo are the two biggest players with foldable display laptops in the market. However, Apple is rumoured to join them with a MacBook that has a foldable display way sooner than many would expect. It is in talks with display suppliers and is eying an ambitious release timeline of two to three years.

Apple MacBook With Foldable Display Launch Date

In a fresh Business Korea report, Apple is said to be holding conversations with display suppliers for its first MacBook with a foldable display. It is expected to unveil the foldable MacBook as early as 2025 which is just a couple of years from now. The official launch is tipped to happen a year later in 2026 which is when interested buyers would be able to grab the new offering.

The report says Apple’s intentions of entering the foldable display laptop segment are expected to boost the sluggish display market. Samsung and LG’s display divisions are likely to end up supplying foldable display panels to the Cupertino-based tech giant. Samsung Display will invest 4.1 trillion Won (about USD 3.1 billion) in 8.6-generation OLED display panel production from 2025 to 2026. LG Display also has plans for investment in mid-size OLED display production including the ones meant for tablet PCs.

We previously heard about Apple’s development plans for a 20-inch foldable OLED display panel. It led to speculations that the first foldable MacBook would sport a 20.25-inch panel when unfolded. It is expected to have a 15.3-inch display when folded. The device is said to have an on-screen keyboard along with support for detachable keyboards. This is pretty much what is known about the foldable MacBook specifications.

It is important to note that Apple is known to take its sweet time before releasing products with new technologies and form factors. This is the reason we still do not have a foldable iPhone despite its arch-rival Samsung and many other players releasing foldable smartphones for years now. It even took a lot of time before announcing its first-ever AR headset Vision Pro.

This is the reason we would suggest you take reports of Apple launching a foldable MacBook as early as 2025 or 2026 with a pinch of salt. Another reason to not get too excited just yet is that development plans can always change. It is because there are various factors that affect a particular product’s development and release cycles. Nevertheless, we would keep you updated as more information will surface about the first Apple MacBook with a foldable display.

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