Arkansas Gov. Sanders: Jean Pierre's job 'infinitely harder' as Biden's press sec

Former White House Press Secretary turned Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) said current press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre  has a tougher job than she had under former President Trump.

“Frankly, she has a terrible story to tell,” Sanders said of President Biden’s top press aide during an appearance Tuesday on Fox News, noting members of the White House press corps have gotten what she described as more “aggressive” with their questioning of Jean-Pierre in recent days following revelations of classified documents as the president’s home and private offices.

After praising a number of Trump’s initiatives during his four years in office, Sanders said Jean-Pierre “doesn’t have any of those things to talk about, and that makes her job infinitely harder.”

When questioned by reporters this week about Biden’s handling of classified documents, Jean-Pierre reiterated the president takes classified documents “seriously” and referred further inquiries to White House lawyers.

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