BBNaija All-stars: Doyin called me dark horse after seeing me naked – Pere

Pere, a Big Brother Naija competitor, claimed that Doyin once called him a “dark horse” after seeing him naked in the shower.

Pere revealed this to housemate Neo during a talk on Friday following his argument with Doyin.

He stated that if he wasn’t “shinning teeth” at her, Doyin would not have made such a statement.

He said: “I was showering and Doyin was standing there and that was when she started calling me ‘Dark Horse’.

“Then she asked why am I so dumb; can’t I see Kim is now with Cross? dah dah. I told her Kim is not with Cross, they are just friends.

“If I came in with the energy from my season (Shine Ya Eyes Season 6, 2021) most of them wouldn’t have the balls to even talk to me.

“That prick, Doyin walked in on me while having my shower, stark naked; stood there, and was shouting ‘Dark Horse’.

“If I were a girl, I would’ve slapped Doyin three times and leave this house” – Pere spills

In a recent episode of BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars, Pere, one of the housemates, admitted to other inmates Cross and Kim Oprah that he might have slapped Doyin.

He admitted that if he had been a girl, he would have responded differently.

Pere Egbi made the remark while referring to an event involving another housemate, Doyin.

This statement came after Doyin allegedly labeled Pere a weakling during a conversation with Ceec and Mercy.

Biggie’s in-house parrot revealed the dialogue shortly after the housemates returned from the arena.

Ceec, Mercy, and Doyin’s talk centered on the complicated dynamics between Pere, Kim, and Cross.

Doyin’s reported remark about Pere being a weakling upset him greatly, resulting in an emotional break down.

Pere was visibly distraught when the parrot’s revelation caused chaos in the house.

Alex, Angel, Sholzy, and Venita stepped up to offer comfort and support during this difficult time.

Hours later, in a separate conversation with Kim Oprah and Cross, Pere expressed his frustration and stated, “If I were a girl, I would’ve slapped Doyin three times and left this house. Because I’m a guy, there are certain things I can’t do.”

Kim Oprah: “I don’t know why they can’t let this matter rest since yesterday; it’s as if they put fire in their bum bum.”

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