Behind Your Touch Episode 3 and 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Behind Your Touch‘ is a bizarre South Korean crime–comedy show about a veterinarian with the ability to see people’s memories by touching their rear ends. Following the discovery of her peculiar powers, small-town resident Bong Ye-bun uses her abilities to increase her business until she accidentally learns a dark secret about her former classmate, Jong-Hyeok.

In episodes 3 & 4, Ye-bun desperately tries to convince Moon Jang-yeol, her neighbor/new transfer cop from Seoul, that Jong-Hyeok proposes a real threat and has abducted a woman in his house. Although Detective Moon is highly skeptical of his quirky neighbor, he soon realizes they make an efficient crime-fighting duo. If you’re curious about how the pair’s adventures proceed and what they uncover about Mujin, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Behind Your Touch’ episodes 3 and 4. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

The third episode opens with Ye-bun rushing to Jang-yeol’s house next door to tell him that Jong-Hyeok has kidnapped someone. However, given their contentious relationship, Jang-yeol is dismissive of her unsubstantiated claims. As a result, Ye-bun decides to launch her own private investigation and starts trying to find the streamer that she saw in Jong-Hyeok’s memories. When she fails at that, she tracks down the man’s address to try and get confirmation about the girl’s abduction by using her powers on the cats near Jong-Hyeok’s house. Nevertheless, she fails to find any new information.

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Her investigation is put on a slight pause when her best friend, Ok-hui, asks her to meet her new boyfriend. Soon into the meeting, Ye-bun realizes she saw Ok-hui’s boyfriend’s memories on accident, glimpsing at the sight of another woman in his house. As such, she informs Ok-hui about the same but leaves without an explanation to return to her investigation. Knowing Jong-Hyeok isn’t home, Ye-bun sneaks into his place and tries to find the abducted woman. Although Ye-bun finds her streaming room, she fails to find the woman and has to leave soon after Jong-hyeok returns home.

Afterward, she runs into Jang-yeol and tries to convince him about the legitimacy of her powers by bringing up his past failed drug bust that she saw in his memories. Still, Jang-yeol refuses to believe her. After a slight confusion with Ok-hui’s boyfriend lands Ye-bun at the police station yet again, the vet finds the streamer’s identity and location. Sharing the information with Jang-yeol, who’s occupied with another more important case, Ye-bun breaks into the apartment.

There, she encounters Jong-Hyeok, who’s surprised she knows his secret and tries to kill her. However, Jang-yeol arrives at the knick of time and saves Ye-bun. The pair manages to rescue Jong-Hyeok’s victim, Si-a, and arrest the former. Meanwhile, Ok-hui resolves things with her boyfriend and makes up with Ye-bun, which leads the latter to reveal her superpowers to her. Consequently, Ye-bun practices her powers on Ok-hui at Jang-yeol’s suggestion and learns to have more control.

Soon, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun start working together, solving multiple cases using the latter’s powers. After a few cases, Ye-bun tries to get out of her end of the bargain by making a quip about her delicate hands. As a result, Jang-yeol guides her through Iron Palm Training which leaves her hands covered in blisters. Although the incident gives her an excuse to see Seon-woo, her dreamy local convenience store worker, it also has an adverse effect on her hands, stripping them of their psychometric powers.

Simultaneously, Jang-yeol comes across a case that can send him up the ladder and confirm his reassignment to Soeul. Someone broke into local Assemblyman candidate number one, Cha Ju-man’s office, and stole crucial documents containing information about his campaign’s donors. Therefore, when Jang-yeol realizes his bratty actions toward Ye-bun could potentially cost him his career, it sends him into a frantic chase to undo the harsh training’s effects.

Behind Your Touch, Episode 4 Ending: Who Stole Cha Ju-man’s Documents?

Candidate Cha Ju-man is present throughout the series in the background until episode 4, after a burglary in his office brings his plotline to the center stage. Since his transfer to the lackluster town of Mujin, Jang-yeol has been looking for a significant case that will instantly fix up his previous professional blunder. Although Ted Chang’s easy arrest could have solved his problems, Jang-yeol ditches the case to help out Ye-bun. Therefore, the robbery of Cha Jun-man’s documents presents the perfect opportunity for redemption for him.

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Due to the same, Jang-yeol rushes around town looking for hand care products when he realizes Ye-bun’s powers have stopped working because of their training session. Eventually, after massaging Ye-bun’s hands with a generous number of luxury products, her powers return in full force. As such, the duo embarks on their unconventional investigation and finds a homeless man with a good vantage point of Ju-man’s office. Nevertheless, Ye-bun doesn’t find any useful information from his memories.

Afterward, Jang-yeol takes a different approach and arrives at the candidacy rally where Jun-man and his opponent, Park Tae-seok, are campaigning among their respective supporters. Since the documents contain donation information, they also have details about one of the donors using his wife’s name to donate more than the limit. Therefore, Jang-yeol compels Ye-bun to use her powers on the crowd members to learn if one of them stole it in an act of political sabotage.

Ye-bun employs Ok-hui’s help, who starts a brawl between the two crowds creating enough chaos for Ye-bun to discreetly touch everyone without them noticing. Although Ye-bun learns that Jun-man’s second-in-command was in the office on the day of the break-in, she learns about the thief’s true identity from a different woman in the crowd. One of the office workers hid behind her desk during the theft and saw the thief’s shoes. The pair of brown loafers Ye-bun sees in her vision are all too familiar to her since they belong to her own grandfather, Mr. Bong.

Mr. Bong has been supporting Ju-man for a long time and goes out to help with his campaigns even now in his old age. Furthermore, he’s a respected member of the town community, and his involvement in such a high-profile case seems out of character for him. Although Ye-bun is entirely unaware of her grandfather’s actions, she keeps the information a secret from Jang-yeol.

What Happens To Si-a?

MeTuber streamer, Si-a, presents the primary storyline for the third episode, in which Ye-bun investigates her abduction and saves her life with Jang-yeol’s help. Si-a’s boyfriend, Jong-Hyeok, kidnaps and holds her hostage after discovering she has been cheating on him. The experience, though traumatic, also becomes inevitable content for Si-a to increase her popularity on her social media. Si-a upholds a drastically different, more friendly, and innocent persona on the internet to appeal to her fans and build a lucrative brand.

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Alternatively, in reality, Si-a is much ruder, inconsiderate, and unrestrained. Near episode 4’s end, Si-a goes to a convenience store with her driver to buy some alcohol. At the store, she meets Seo-woon and gives him her number despite his obvious disinterest in her. Regardless, Si-a gets rid of her driver and drives to a nameless boyfriend’s house after he calls her, asking her to come to his place.

Due to her reckless driving, wherein she barely pays attention to the road, Si-a fails to notice an incoming truck and swerves off the street, getting into an accident. Even though her car ends up wrecked, Si-a is fine and brushes off the truck driver’s offer to help. Instead, she waits by the roadside for her insurance company to send in a tow truck.

While she waits, an ominous figure emerges from the darkness, stumbling toward Si-a in a dark raincoat. Following a remarkable streak of bad luck, the stranger attacks Si-a, abducting her and dragging her body to the beach. The stranger, equipped with an out-of-place white and blue floral knife, stabs Si-a in the dark of the night. Although her death is off-screen, Si-a likely dies at the hands of the mysterious killer.

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