Best Movies Set in the 1920s, Ranked

In the Twenties, motion pictures around the globe started to see a dramatic shift in the way in which that they had been made. Filmmaking, nonetheless a comparatively new style at the time, transitioned from silent films to ones with sound in the direction of the top of the last decade, marking a brand new method of experiencing movie, video, and artwork for the primary time. Even with out the technological enhancements within the film world, the Twenties are nonetheless a supply of fascination for tv and movies in the present day due to the sheer quantity of historical past packed into that one decade. With the Roaring Twenties in full swing for many of the decade around the globe, the top of World War I marked a interval of celebration and pleasure in Hollywood for these coming back from struggle.

It is not any shock that writers and administrators in the present day are enamored with the Twenties due to this, and even in the present day motion pictures and books are repeatedly returning to this era. Some concentrate on the events and extravagance of the wealthy elites throughout this time, as seen in motion pictures like The Great Gatsby. Hollywood tends to make motion pictures in regards to the filmmaking course of, and, in 2022, Damien Chazelle’s three-hour epic Babylon takes inspiration from real-life figures and actors from the interval nearly 100 years after their careers started. These are the perfect motion pictures set within the Twenties, ranked.


6/6 Chicago

The 2002 adaption of Chicago builds on a legacy now a century outdated; the unique Chicago play got here out in 1926 throughout the Roaring Twenties. In this model, Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones star as two girls who’ve murdered individuals of their lives. One is a housewife and the opposite a vaudevillian, and whereas they await their fates in jail, they mirror on how they will grow to be well-known and make the most of the press to seek out freedom. Chicago was a large success when launched in theaters, and have become the primary musical in a long time to take house the Academy Award for Best Picture.

5/6 Bugsy Malone

Goodtimes Enterprises

Set throughout the Prohibition Era in the direction of the top of the Twenties, Bugsy Malone was the directorial debut of Alan Parker. The musical comedy additionally serves as a gangster film on the identical time, and Jodie Foster, John Cassisi, and Scott Baio star. Child actors painting real-life adults, and as an alternative of weapons with bullets, they’ve weapons with whipped cream, making the film accessible to a youthful viewers. Set in New York City, the musical introduces Bugsy Malone, a boxing promoter who finds himself concerned with the town’s clashing gangs. After one mob boss is anxious that his empire goes to be taken down by his rival, it sparks new turf wars and conflicts for the film’s characters.

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4/6 The Great Gatsby

One of Gatsby's epic parties
Warner Bros.

Considered the consultant literature of the Twenties and its decadence, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby discovered a trustworthy adaptation in 2013 that leaned in towards the extravagance the characters are recognized for. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jay Gatsby, a person who flaunts his wealth to chase after his unrequited love Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). When her cousin Nick (Tobey Maguire) strikes into the home subsequent door to Gatsby, he observes as an outsider the rich households of Long Island and the hypocrisy that comes with their relationships. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this adaptation goes all out with the visible fashion.

3/6 Babylon

Man and woman walk together
Paramount Pictures

Damien Chazelle’s Babylon could not have achieved nicely at the box office when it was launched in 2022, however it actually is a love letter to the Twenties and the medium of movie as an entire. The three-hour saga tracks the rise and fall of a number of actors working in silent movie throughout the Twenties, and the way some wrestle to adapt to the invention of sound in cinema. Babylon is gritty, unfolding like an escalated The Great Gatsby fever dream, however haunting because it reveals the dedication and love for the craft working class individuals usually put in to make their goals come true. It nicely deserves the nominations it’ll obtain.Related: Babylon’s Margot Robbie Says Technology Makes it Impossible for People to Behave Like They Did in the 1920s

2/6 Some Like It Hot

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot
United Artists

Marilyn Monroe stars in 1959’s Some Like It Hot, which was made with out approval from the Motion Picture Production Code as a result of LGBTQ+ themes included within the film. The movie is about in 1929, on the peak of the Prohibition Era. Two males, each jazz gamers, start to cross gown after an unlucky run-in with the native gangsters. Disguised as girls, they befriend a singer, Sugar, who is part of a band, and each finally find yourself falling in love along with her, however must do not forget that they’re nonetheless showing as girls to Sugar, who overtly discusses how she needs a wealthy man from Florida. Thus begins a plot to win her love and affection all through the film. Some Like It Hot is now thought of to be one of many biggest motion pictures of all time.

1/6 The Artist

The Artist
Warner Bros. France

The 2011 film The Artist takes direct inspiration from the interval it’s set in; not solely is the film black and white, however it additionally presents itself largely as a silent film. The Artist begins in 1927 in Hollywood, proper on the cusp the place silent motion pictures are about to be fully changed with sound footage. The comedy-drama tracks the life and relationships of an actor working in Hollywood, particularly as he runs right into a younger actress that’s about to look in his life much more. However, his profession is in danger with the rise of talkies, like so many others who appeared in silent motion pictures earlier than this time.

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