BRICS allies key in SA’s agri-trade: Wandile Sihlobo

Chairperson of the BRICS Agri Business Working Group, Wandile Sihlobo, has highlighted the importance of South Africa deepening agricultural trade with fellow BRICS member countries.

Sihlobo says agriculture is the backbone of Africa as it contributes to job creation and economic growth.

“As much as we talk about deepening trade with BRICS, this is not at the exclusion of existing markets in the EU, in the US and elsewhere, because those are important markets. 40% of South Africa’s agricultural exports go to Africa, 20% they go to the EU and then you have some that are go to Asia and elsewhere. The BRICS countries as this as we speak, they only account for 8% of South Africa’s agricultural exports, which is why then in the recommendation we say deepen trade in this grouping, especially as it imports a lot.”

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