Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 episode 10 titled ‘Land of Inhuman Demons (Part 3),’ Dazai and Sigma struggle for their life after being caught in a lift at the Mersault prison. Meanwhile, Aya and Bram find themselves at the top of the tallest tower at the airport. It turns out that Akutagawa is actually using them as bait so that he can get his hands on Armed Detective Agency members. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

After Aya finally wakes up, she realizes that needs to take cognizance of her current situation. She is quite shocked to find Bram near him but even more surprised that she is still alive. It turns out that Akutagawa has put them on the top of the tower as bait to draw Armed Detective Agency’s men. Meanwhile, at the Mersault prison, Dazai and Sigma fight for their lives in the elevator. Both of them are stuck as the water level rises and there is no way to get out.

Eventually, Dazai uses a brilliant plan to push Sigma to safety but cannot get out in time himself. He ends up breaking his leg and struggles to run away. Sigma is quite depressed despite surviving as he feels that he is useless and cannot do anything in the current scenario. That’s when he finds a note sticking out of his shoes. When Fyodor orders Chuuya to find Dazai and kill him, he suddenly gets shot in the shoulder. It turns out that Sigma has reached the control room and he asks Fyodor to take back his previous order.

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Meanwhile, Atsushi sees Bram and decides to help him only to be ambushed by Akutagawa. Atsushi feels that his old enemy still has some autonomy over his body as he chose to not kill Aya, even though he had every reason to do so. But Akutagawa is still relentless in his attacks on Atsushi, while the latter is desperate to bring him to his senses. Eventually, Atsushi gets severely injured in the process. Aya tries her best to separate Bram from the sword but all her efforts fail to bear any fruit. 

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 10 Ending: Is Dazai Dead? 

At the Mersault prison, Sigma shows a handwritten note to Fyodor. It’s in German so Sigma does not understand it but for some reason, it makes Fyodor really uncomfortable. He suddenly starts screaming “Help Me” and hold his head with both hands. As he manages to gain some control over his senses, Fyodor tells Sigma that his evil texts turned flesh and he cannot stop him.

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Fyodor pulls out a knife from his back pocket and reveals that it is Sword Kladenets and is made up of ability-imbued silver like the holy sword. He claims that it is the only weapon that can kill an evil incarnate like him. Fyodor claims that he is so weak that he is overtaken by his special ability. Sigma thinks that he suffers from a split personality and decides to take the sword from Fyodor. But this turns out to be a huge mistake as Fyodor uses it to stab Sigma at the last minute revealing that the story he has been telling is all made up.

After stabbing Sigma, Fyodor offers to let him use his special ability on him to read his mind. When the former touches his hand, he is overwhelmed by rays of different lights and realizes that all of it is information about Fyodor’s deep and dark secrets. He gets so overwhelmed that he falls unconscious. Meanwhile, Chuuya has finally found Dazai. In spite of his injuries, Dazai remains relaxed and claims that he has imagined this situation many times in the past. He asks him to deliver his flimsy punch and shows no signs of fear.  Just when Chuuya is about to punch him, Fyodor orders him to stop. He explains that Dazai plans to take him out of his vampiric state by touching him.

Therefore, he orders Chuuya to finish Dazai for a distance. Dazai tries to act courageous and confident until he is shot in the body many times before being shot in the head. The blood pours from his head but a bullet is never really seen. He gets multiple shot times after that in his body as well. There is blood everywhere but Dazai’s dead body is never really shown. His hair conveniently hides the bullet mark on his head and there are no bullet marks on the wall behind his head. In a world of people with strange special abilities, it’s hard to tell if Dazai’s horrible state means his end, so viewers will have to wait for future episodes to find the truth. 

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