California Deputy, 32, Shot and Killed During Traffic Stop

A California representative was lethally shot Thursday during a traffic stop. Delegate Isaiah Cordero, 32, was killed not long before 2 p.m. in Jurupa Valley.

The shooting set off a huge pursuit across Riverside and close by San Bernardino regions prior to finishing with officials lethally shooting the suspect, William Shea McKay.

At a public interview Thursday night, Riverside District Sheriff Chad Bianco said Cordero was shot when he moved toward the suspect’s vehicle.

An observer called 911 and occupants attempted to help Cordero until policing paramedics showed up.

A “monstrous manhunt for the suspect” then, at that point, started in San Bernardino and Riverside provinces, Bianco said.

“The suspect was situated in San Bernardino Province and a vehicle pursuit was started.” The pursuit wound up back in Jurupa Valley where McKay’s truck ran over a spike strip on a neighborhood turnpike. The truck continued onward yet ultimately crashed on the 15 Turnpike in Norco.

Bianco said the suspect then taken shots at delegates, who brought shoot back. McKay was hit and died at the scene.

Bianco said Cordero “was a goof-ball around the station and each of our delegates thought of him as their younger sibling.”

Bianco said McKay had an “broad criminal history” that included capturing, burglary and various attacks with deadly weapons.

“This horrendous misfortune ought to have been forestalled by the overall set of laws,” he said. “McKay has a broad, vicious past and was sentenced for his third strike in November 2021.

That case included grabbing and attack with a deadly weapon. Rather than condemning him to 25 years to life, which ought to have been occurred, the adjudicator brought down his bail, permitting him to be delivered.” Bianco said McKay was captured again after not appearing at his condemning.

“We wouldn’t be here today on the off chance that the appointed authority had gone about her business,” he said.

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