Cele condemns trucks torching in KwaZulu-Natal

Police Minister Bheki Cele has condemned the latest incident where six trucks were torched in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday. The incident occurred on the N3 at Van Reenan’s Pass.

A number of truck drivers stopped along the route and at trucking stations for fear of being attacked. Police had later cleared the route.

Cele says swift arrests are imminent. “When it comes to truck, I will have to check my figures, but last time we checked we had arrested 47 people around the trucking issues and all that. We send them to court so they got bail maybe sometimes the prosecution and Magistrate can tell us. But from our side 47 people have been arrested around trucking issues.”

Van Reenen’s pass reopened after trucks torched:

Meanwhile, July 9 marked two years since the start of the widespread unrest and looting that decimated businesses in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng. Cele says more arrests linked to the July 2021 unrest are imminent.

“We have arrested 63 people since July 2021. Those people are in court why are they not sentenced you can ask [Ronald] Lamola but we have arrested them they are all in court some of them they are on bail, what we are doing with them we are increasing the charges, we want to move the charges from ordinary incitement and all to terrorism and treason except that Mercedes Benz guy who has been sentenced there are many more that’s are going to be coming.”

Authorities probe torching of trucks at Van Reenen’s Pass on the N3:

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