Christina Hall Says She Has Mercury and Lead Poisoning ‘Likely from All the Gross Houses’ and ‘Bad Flips’

Christina Corridor is drawing nearer to the foundation of her medical conditions.

On Thursday, the Flip or Lemon alum, 39, uncovered through a progression of posts on her Instagram Story that she went through quantum biofeedback machine testing.

As per Corridor, the outcomes showed she has “mercury and lead harming” as well as “small digestive system microscopic organisms abundance.”

“In all probability from every one of the gross houses I’ve been in (every one of the awful flips),” she added.

The HGTV star made sense of that the test was led in an elective medication place in California that utilizes the machine to uncover “whatever is adversely influencing wellbeing by tracking down vivacious uneven characters in the body by answering the body’s electric reactivity designs.”

The Mayo Facility makes sense of that the machine can likewise assist somebody with rolling out unpretentious improvements in their body that can assist with wiping out the requirement for prescription and further develop a medical issue or actual execution. The center prompts that the most important phase in treating lead harming is to eliminate the wellspring of the pollution.

Lobby shared that she would handle the issue through “detoxing this through spices as a whole and IVs” and stand by to perceive how she feels prior to continuing on toward issues that may conceivably be connected with her bosom inserts. In an Instagram post on Saturday, she made sense of: “Been really depleted of late so [I’m] on a kick to get once more into my body.”

“I’ve had some unexplained wellbeing stuff for a really long time, and presently I’m thinking about the prospect that this could be bosom embed related,” she kept, adding that she disintegrated all her under-eye filler since “it was causing an incendiary response.”

“Does any other individual have any involvement in this subject?” Lobby inquired. “I’m interested on every one of the ladies take on this.”

She then shared that she’s confronted medical problems that incorporate aggravation, Hashimoto’s infection, Raynaud’s disorder, polycystic ovary condition, unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle torment, dry eyes, indigestion, cerebrum haze, enlarged lymph hubs and adrenal weakness, among others.

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