City Power awaits safety clearance before restoration of power in Joburg CBD

City Power in Johannesburg says it is waiting for emergency services to declare the city’s underground gas explosion site safe before it can begin the process of restoring power to the affected residential and business properties affected.

Residents and businesses around Lilian Ngoyi Street, formerly known as Bree, have been without electricity and water following the explosion that ripped a stretch of road on Wednesday afternoon.

One person was killed and three of the 48 injured people are still in hospital.

Johannesburg Water has deployed 25 mobile toilets, five stationery water tankers and four roaming water tankers to the area to support residents.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, says: “Our different teams have been activated and are ready on standby including test and protection branches should we be handed over the sight any moment. Unfortunately, the lights within the CBD will remain off until all this is done and we really apologise to our customers for the inconvenience this is causing.”

City Power statement on Joburg CBD:

Meanwhile, residents around the affected areas have been pleading for water and electricity to be restored.

Details in the report below: 

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