Crypto phishing attacker steals $24 million in crypto from an individual

A crypto phishing attacker has swindled an individual out of $24 million in cryptocurrencies in one of the largest individual crypto phishing incidents to date.

The stolen assets include liquid staking derivatives — 4,851 Rocket Pool ETH (rETH) valued at $8.5 million — and 9,579 Lido Staked ETH ($15.6 million).

According to on-chain data and analysis from multiple security firms, the individual was lured into authorizing a transaction from their Ethereum wallet through a malicious link.

After interacting with the phishing link, on-chain data shows that the individual seemingly granted the attacker the required permissions to execute a ‘transferFrom’ function.

The assets were moved to an address designated as “Fake_Phishing186943” by the block explorer Etherscan.

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