DA will not relent on ANC cadre deployment saga: Schreiber

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The African National Congress (ANC) says it intends to appeal the judgment of the High Court in Johannesburg which found it in contempt of a February 2023 ruling on the declaration of cadre deployment records.

The court had ordered the governing party to hand over its full cadre deployment records to the Democratic Alliance (DA).

This is revealed in a notice of application for leave to appeal the April judgment. It gave the ANC 15 days to hand over all unredacted records and hard drives to IT experts for reconstruction and records from all committee members after the court’s recent finding that the policy was not unlawful.

This after the opposition party argued that the policy was at the root of failures at state-owned enterprises.

The ruling party which opposed the application argued that the DA sought to limit its right to freedom of expression.

DA’s Shadow Minister of Public Service and Administration, Leon Schreiber, has accused the ANC of using what he terms Stalingrad tactics to delay justice in the matter.

“With this latest doomed attempt to appeal, the ANC continues its desperate Stalingrad tactics of seeking to delay justice in this matter. No fewer than four different courts have now ruled against the ANC’s attempts to hide its dirty cadre deployment secrets from the people of South Africa. The ANC needs to understand that the DA will not relent on this matter.”

VIDEO | ANC – DA cadre deployment saga continues: 


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