DC Firefighter Christopher Potts Is Arrested: Here Are His Charges Details

A D.C. fireman Christopher Potts who was at that point having to deal with penalties in Montgomery County, Maryland, has now been accused of furnished theft in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Potts was captured and held without bond on Tuesday, and the cop is keeping him down for additional examination.

Is DC Firefighter Christopher Potts Arrested? Christopher Potts was captured on Friday by Fairfax County police.

On Capitol Hill, the D.C. fireman got alloted to Engine 18. Regardless of having to deal with penalties in Montgomery County for purportedly driving police on a rapid pursuit in Silver Spring recently, Potts was on full obligation as of Friday.

Christopher was pulled over for terminated enrollment close to the convergence of Spring Street and Georgia Avenue around 10 p.m. on March 16, police said.

He showed up incredibly anxious and unsettled over his keys and enrollment, as indicated by police. As indicated by police, Potts contended that he ought to be offered a reprieve since he is a D.C. fireman.

At the point when a tow truck showed up, and police informed Christopher that the vehicle would be seized, he took off, running red lights and driving police on a pursuit that arrived at rates of up to 100 mph, as per police.

As per a court report, the pursuit was risky to such an extent that officials canceled it. They definitely knew who Potts was on the grounds that he gave the official who halted him his local group of fire-fighters I.D. also, permit.

Christopher Potts Charges And Mugshot Details Potts got captured on doubt of burglary. According to the police, he was engaged with a continuous question with somebody he met on Cavalier Landing Court on the evening of May 18.

The cop said the D.C. fireman threatened to use a firearm and took property from the person in question, yet it’s hazy what that property was.

Cops have confined Christopher, and further examination concerning the case is in progress. The mugshot of the D.C. fireman presently can’t seem to be delivered by the police office.

Fairfax County police presently can’t seem to give a report on this case and more data about why Potts pulled off this trick regardless of being a D.C. fireman.

Is Christopher Potts Still In Jail? Christopher Potts is as of now detained. The court has planned his next hearing for September 7.

In an explanation, D.C. Local group of fire-fighters, to some degree, “The division knows about the capture of Christopher Potts on July 8, 2022, a fireman EMT utilized by the office.”

The D.C. Local group of fire-fighters expressed that Potts is as of now on semi-voluntary vacation. Christopher had recently been captured in Montgomery County, Maryland, for a wrongdoing infraction that had not yet been settled at the hour of his subsequent capture.

The D.C. Fire and EMS Department likewise expressed that they don’t support or endure unlawful way of behaving and that moves will be made against Christopher as per the principles and the law.

Potts has likewise yet to uncover the justification for the burglary and presently can’t seem to offer a public expression regarding the matter.

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