Decision to merge 4 districts before delimitation in Assam, CM Sarma said – hope people will understand the importance of the decisions

New Delhi, PTI. A big information is coming out from Assam. The Assam government decided to merge four districts into four other districts as well as change the administrative jurisdiction of some villages. This was announced by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in a press conference after the state cabinet meeting. He said that this decision was taken with a heavy heart keeping in view the administrative requirements, society and the interests of Assam. However, the Assam government did not reveal the reason behind this.

These districts will be merged

Biswanath district will be merged with Sonitpur, Hojai with Naugaon, Bajali with Barpeta and Tamulpur with Baksa. The administrative jurisdiction of some villages and some towns has also been changed in the state cabinet meeting.

Most of the merged districts were created in the recent past. The Chief Minister apologized to the people of the merged districts. He said that I want to apologize to the people but hope that they will understand the importance of the decisions.

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The team of ministers will visit the districts

Himanta Biswa Sarma said that a team of state ministers would visit these districts. Along with this, the minister of the state will interact with major organizations and citizens and explain the reasons for these decisions, which cannot be disclosed publicly.

He informed that the police and judicial districts of the districts which have been merged will continue as they are with other offices and officials.

Significantly, the Election Commission has also banned the formation of new administrative units in Assam from January 1, 2023 till the delimitation is decided. The commission has directed the Chief Electoral Officer of Assam to ensure that the state government that formation of new administrative bodies or units shall be prohibited from January 1, 2023 till the process of delimitation is completed. According to Article 170 of the Constitution, this delimitation will be done on the basis of 2001 census.

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