Details of Meeting between Tinubu and UK Secretary of State Emerge [PHOTOS]

The details of the meeting between President Bola Tinubu and UK Secretary of State for Foreign/Commonwealth Affairs, Hon James Cleverly, at the state house in Abuja have emerged.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Tinubu and Cleverly met at the State House in Abuja on Wednesday to discuss ways to deepen the economic partnership between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Tinubu called on the UK to invest more in Nigeria across sectors, saying that the country needs the UK’s help to develop a competitive, technologically advanced economy. He also urged the UK to support Nigeria’s efforts to secure West Africa from terrorism.

“I am happy to know that the United Kingdom is ready to work with us in Nigeria and Africa. The United Kingdom must do more for the continent. We have not developed a competitive economy,” the President said.

“We need a dynamic partnership on security and economic development because we don’t want terrorists to make Africa and our sub-region their nest,” President Tinubu told the Foreign Secretary.

Cleverly congratulated Tinubu on his election victory and praised him for taking bold economic reforms. He said the UK is committed to working with Nigeria to promote democracy and stability in West Africa.

“The Western economic programme should be able to help Nigeria pipe our gas to Europe since gas is acceptable as alternative clean energy. You must help us with the finance and facilitate the investment we require.”

The two leaders also discussed the possibility of exporting Nigerian gas to Europe. Tinubu said that Nigeria has the potential to be a net exporter of energy, and that the UK can help to make this happen.

On the situation in Niger, Cleverly said, “For us, our national interest is to see a peaceful and prosperous African continent because peace and security go hand in hand.”

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