Determined Bride Defies Flood and Rain to Dance with Her Girls at Her Wedding [Video]

A video on the internet shows a bride joyously dancing on flooded ground with her pals during her wedding after it rained.

The bride, groom, and several guests were preparing for their traditional wedding ceremony when Mother Nature intervened.

It rained fiercely and flooded the venue, but the bride and her guests who attended the celebration proceeded to dance in it.

The joyful bride was seen performing many dance steps while dressed gorgeously in traditional clothes.

According to the caption attached to the video, the devil tried to ruin the ladies’ happiness, but they triumphed.

Watch the video below:

Netizens have expressed mixed reactions over the clip as some wondered why they didn’t use a hall, seeing that it’s rainy season.

betty.afolami queried: “Are Halls that expensive??? Nigerians will literally fixed a date for a outdoor ceremony in the middle of a full blown rainy season then scream village people at work when nature starts naturing”

big_mikeoflos wrote: “The devil has nothing to do with rains, it’s even the heavens that send rains. Maybe Poseidon is against the marriage…”

endylight1 wrote: “This is the type of friends everyone needs. The union will last in Jesus name. Amen”

officialmarhone wrote: “The devil didn’t do anything, rainfall is natural.”

kootje_paul wrote: “Totally love everyone around her big energy vibes” wrote: “Wetin concern devil for rain in raining season?”

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