Energy strategy highlighted by the DA’s Alan Winde

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The DA in the Western Cape has outlined its plan for energy resilience as part of its seven key manifesto points. Speaking in Cape Town, premier candidate for the party, Alan Winde, says two years ago plans were set in motion to make the province the first to be free of load shedding.

He says these plans are gaining momentum and the party will continue rolling out its long-term energy-strategy after the elections.

Winde says the country has been buckling under load shedding for 16 years, with 2023 being the worst on record, costing the country billions of rands.

“Just over a year ago we started our energy counsel, put a plan together for 5 700 megawatts and now we’re busy rolling it out. And I’m really excited that already 850 megawatts are already into the system from private sector investment, another 2 000 in the pipeline so well on our way to the 5 700 megawatts. That’s exactly what we need for proper energy resilience and when you’ve got proper energy resilience, you then enable economic growth, job opportunities, people to carry on with their lives.””

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