“Every single person around Mohbad is a suspect” Skit maker Femi Baab reveals after a night encounter with Mohbad

In a revelation that has left many fans and followers puzzled, popular skit maker Femi Baba has recently shared a dream he had involving the late Mohbad.

Femi Baba claims that in this dream, Mohbad appeared to him, visibly distressed and crying. What Mohbad shared during this dream has raised even questions about the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing.

According to Femi Baba, Mohbad expressed regret about something very deep. The late artist allegedly wished he had known that fame would change the people around him. In the dream, Mohbad cautioned against showing someone the building he was working on, as it would lead to an “abandoned project”.

He also tried to interpret the dream by stating that whoever killed Mohbad might be a lot closer than we think they are.
These cryptic messages have led some to believe that Mohbad’s death may involve someone close to him, contrary to what people might think.

This revelation comes at a time when many are still struggling with the loss of Mohbad. Just yesterday a candle lit event was held for him in Oyo, Delta and other states in Nigeria. His passing has continued to send shockwaves through the entertainment world, leaving fans and fellow artists in mourning.

Bella Shmurda, Mohbad’s close friend and and artist had recently taken to Twitter to express his belief that Mohbad still lives on.

He boldly declared that he would not pay his last respects to his friend because he is convinced that Mohbad’s spirit continues to exist in some form.

The controversies surrounding Mohbad’s passing continues to unfold, leaving fans and friends searching for answers. It remains to be seen if Bella Shmurda’s revelations and Femi Baba’s dream will shed more light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the talented artist’s untimely death.

While Mohbad’s fans and followers anxiously wait for more information concerning his death, it is cleaner that Mohbad impact in the music industry is one that would not be easily replaced.

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