“F00lishness is spending millions on bride price for a woman whom several men knacked for free” – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man named King Chidi expressed controversial views on the practice of paying a woman’s bride price.

The tweets quickly went viral, sparking a heated debate across social media sites.

Chidi stated his opinion, claiming that spending large sums of money on bride prices, extensive marriage lists, and costly wedding ceremonies for women who have had several sexual partners in the past is ridiculous.

He compared this customary practice to indirectly paying all the guys who had free interactions with the woman.

He wrote;

“Foolishness is spending millions on • bride price • marriage lists • wedding ceremony For a woman who several men knacked for free. It’s like paying all the men who once slept with her for all the years of services they render to your promiscuous wife’s overused kpekus.”

“BITTER FACTS That non virgin woman you’re paying millions for her bride price will invite most of the men who fucked her for free in the car, toilet, bushes, clubs, etc., during your wedding ceremony. And those same men will shake you and tell you that you’re lucky to have her,” he added on August 1.”

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