Fetterman sends Comer Bud Light 'gift' amid impeachment hearing

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) sent a tongue-in-cheek present to Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) on Thursday as Comer held the first hearing for Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Fetterman shared on X, formerly Twitter, that his staff dropped off a case of Bud Light for Comer and his team.

“This morning, I directed my staff to deliver a gift to congratulate and salute Representative Comer and his Team America (TM) squad as they embark on their historic impeachment journey,” Fetterman said.

A note attached to the beer reads, “To Rep. Comer & his squad. A profile in courage can make a guy thirsty. Congratulations, this Bud’s for you. Hugs & kisses: John Fetterman,” adding a smiling hearts emoji.

The choice of beer was also a dig at Republicans after internet conservatives started an online trend to boycott the brand this summer after it sponsored a post with a transgender social media influencer.

Fetterman has leaned into his reputation as a Washington outsider in recent weeks, taking advantage of a recent debate over the way he dresses to go after Republicans and openly making fun of their attempts to impeach the president.

He’s also embraced absurd conspiracy theories from online conservatives that he was replaced by a “body double” during his absence from the Senate earlier this year.

Republicans allege in their impeachment inquiry that Biden used his influence to help his son’s business and other misconduct, but investigators have not yet released evidence to support their claims.

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