Goldman Sachs maintains its negative stance on crypto as Chief Investment Officer says clients are not interested in crypto

Goldman Sachs still believes that cryptocurrencies have no value.

Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, the chief investment officer of the banks Wealth Management unit says its clients have are yet to be interested in exposure to the asset class.

Mossavar-Rahmani has long been known for her skepticism of bitcoin and other digital assets.

Mossavar-Rahmani claims Goldman’s clients want nothing to do with cryptocurrencies even as Bitcoin has surged to a record high this year and TradFi giants such as BlackRock and Fidelity have double down on their efforts in the crypto industry after clients expressed their interest in getting exposure specifically to bitcoin.

Mossavar-Rahmani criticized the industry for being hypocritical, saying that crypto enthusiasts “all proclaim democratization of finance, yet the main decisions end up being driven by a few controlling people.”

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