Henry Jackman’s Best Film Scores, Ranked

Henry Jackman writes the soundtracks of our lives. The variety of movies he is scored and tales he is helped inform is past spectacular. This English composer’s work has change into iconic in Hollywood and immediately recognizable all over the world. For followers, he is the individual most chargeable for setting the temper in among the most beloved films ever made.

While credited for orchestrating the dense audio backdrop to the MCU, Jackman’s contributions to films and music do not finish there. Animated movies and motion options are all a part of his spectacular resume. Characters and conflicts are created in keeping with his melodies and an important Jackman rating can mix the viewer instantly into the following scene. It’s this immersive fashion that provides this composer. So, how does one rank all his work? It’s not simple, but it surely’s doable. We did it. Here are Henry Jackman’s finest movie scores, ranked.


9/9 Puss in Boots

With 22 tracks composed on this launch, Jackman performed a pivotal function within the ambiance of Puss In Boots. Utilizing each people instrumentation and a symphonic orchestra, Jackman created cues for the characters.

In an interview with Animated Views, Jackman stated of director Chris Miller, “He’s good to work with as a result of he has very sturdy concepts and he expresses them, you realize, like a director. It’s not his job to be musically educated and describe to me the orchestration he’s on the lookout for or play me a selected piece of music.”

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8/9 Kong: Skull Island

Warner Bros. Pictures

Jackman tapped into Nineteen Seventies influences for his rating of Kong: Skull Island. This reboot of the basic monster movie wished to emphasise the wealthy historical past of the franchise with the psychedelic guitars of that period. The music of this movie is credited as strongly contributing to the general eeriness of the island. It was one thing that the composer himself relished in. In talking with EW, Jackman stated of Skull Island, “The great thing about a monster movie is that it opens the door to use the symphony orchestra in its most sumptuous way.”

7/9 Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Pictures

When composing Wreck-It Ralph, Jackman tried to supply a basic game-inspired soundtrack. Through piano, synth, and electronics, an eight-bit orchestra produced among the most recognizable music in any movie. While critics had points with among the non-Jackman tracks on this album, his a part of the discharge is mostly met with reward.

6/9 Kingsman: The Secret Service

Marv Films

The 2015 soundtrack for Kingsman: The Secret Service is an enormous favourite amongst followers. This 18-track set by Jackman and Matthew Margeson performed completely into the spy-action comedy. Jackman loved the movie’s message. In an interview with Motion Pictures, he defined how, in a movie, it isn’t about what you shoot on the display, however why you shoot it: “Some of the stuff in Kingsman and Kick-Ass is pretty gruesome, but they always feel positive to me,” Jackman revealed. “(Director Matthew Vaughn) as soon as stated to me, “Whenever you’re at a creative crossroads, whatever it is, just be bold.”

5/9 Big Hero 6


Jackman received a glimpse of Big Hero 6 six months earlier than its launch and instantly went to work creating music from a “wide palette of sounds.” Using a 77-piece orchestra for the principle themes, the musical director went all out on this compilation. It is considered one of his most recognizable releases.

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4/9 Kick-Ass


His first step in changing into an iconic superhero scorer, Jackman joined Kick-Ass and produced a rating that, effectively, kicked ass. Along with director Matthew Vaughn, he helped to form a memorable film. It was his first flight as a superhero musical creator.

Today, he credit this movie for starting his journey however noticed it as an opportunity to strive one thing new. In an interview with Awards Radar, Jackman defined, “I said, ‘Look Matthew, I’ll write you a superhero tune on a rainy Sunday afternoon. If you like it, we’ll start talking. If you don’t like it, forget I ever wrote it.’”

3/9 Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks in Captain Philliips (2013)
Columbia Pictures

One of Jackman’s most iconic scores can also be considered one of his most controversial. The music for Captain Phillips units the temper for an unbelievable efficiency by Tom Hanks. In the tip, although, one tune did increase eyebrows as Jackman’s “Safe Now” bared an unbelievable resemblance to Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from Inception.

While the 2 songs have many similarities, professionals have been fast to level out that whereas the construction could be the identical, the compositions usually are not. In truth, similarities between scores may be discovered throughout Hollywood. The finish consequence right here is that Captain Phillips stays considered one of Jackson’s most prolific items of labor.

2/9 X-Men: First Class

twentieth Century Studios

Known for his epic scores of tremendous movies, Jackman’s contributions to X-Men: First Class can’t be overstated. Reuniting with Vaughn, the director of Kick-Ass, Jackman composed a real masterpiece that merged pop and rock completely in relation to the story.

Jackman experimented with many kinds in getting ready this assortment. Wanting to steer clear of orchestral music, he drew inspiration from James Bond musical composer John Barry. Just a little little bit of Superman, somewhat little bit of “posh punk,” the ultimate soundtrack was met with principally constructive opinions.

1/9 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios

One of Jackman’s most polarizing soundtracks, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has divided followers and critics since its launch in 2013. The composer’s use of electronics whereas dismissing the Alan Silvestri theme from the primary movie drew ire from critics.

An overwhelming quantity of followers, nevertheless, stand in opposition to this notion. For many, it exemplifies the tone of the movie and total temper completely. The distinction of opinion between these two camps is so immense with so many on-line calling it the perfect MCU soundtrack. Meanwhile, the crucial reception was abysmal.

Despite being launched in 2013, the battle over the rating rages on. Critics have panned it and followers have defended it. Today, this soundtrack, as soon as known as “weird,” “grating,” and “barren” by critics, sits with 99% constructive opinions by Google customers.

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