“Him no even smile at all” – Man’s facial expression during engagement stirs reactions

After being witnessed proposing to his girlfriend, a young man’s reaction on social media has gone viral.

The couple, who are reportedly still university students, has made the decision to advance their romance.

He made a public proposition, but his demeanor during the entire ordeal provoked responses.

Instead of the anticipated smile to convey his satisfaction, the man could be seen maintaining a neutral expression throughout the entire ordeal.

Netizens Reactions….

This sparked mixed reactions from social media users:

prince_of_peeace wrote: “boy dey do face like he’s under a spell”

sunny_kesh said: “Suffer suffer for once body go tell u”

kwin_kaycee wrote: “The person laughing is very wicked”

starito_vibes said: “He no even smile @like say them false”

official.douglas1 wrote: “If una reach house she go give you your ring back”

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