His Hands May Be Dirty, But I Am Impressed – Omokri Praises Man Who Coined ‘ELUU P’ Chant

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has praised a Labour Party (LP) supporter, Stephen Mouka, for his industriousness.

Mouka who works as a car mechanic became popular after coining the viral ‘ELUU P’ chant.

Sharing a picture of the LP supporter at his workshop, Omokri praised him for his diligence.

He opined that Mouka has refused to get involved in nefarious deeds such as romance scams and drug peddling, instead, he has decided to raise Nigeria’s GDP by fixing cars.

He insisted that Mouka’s choice of job might involve him getting dirty but the money he makes is not dirty.

Speaking via Instagram, he wrote, “I am very impressed with Stephen Mouka, the young man that came up with the now viral ‘ELUU P’ chant. That he works as a mechanic fixing cars is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary. It exemplifies the dignity of labour. And any society that mocks labour will get shocks of dishonour.

“Yes, his hands may be dirty. But dirty hands make clean money. Joseph, the Earthly father of our Lord and Saviour, was a builder and carpenter. If we mock Stephen, we also mock Saint Joseph.

“The man is not involved in fraud, romance scams, or drug trafficking and peddling. He is adding value to Nigeria by fixing people’s cars and, in doing so, increasing our GDP.

“Wealth without enterprise has been the bane of Nigeria. And we need to promote the dignity of labour as an antidote to that malaise. In that regard, one Stephen Muoka is worth 100 rent seekers!

“He is a projection of the desirable Nigerian. One who works and makes the system work.

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“If Nigeria had more of the likes of Stephen, we would never have been the world headquarters for extreme poverty, and our international reputation would not be so sordid. May God bless Stephen Mouka and prosper the works of his hand.”

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