How Did Jimi Partington Have A Stroke? Shark Week’s Divemaster Story

Jimi Partington, a shark jumping master, is snatching titles after his account of enduring the deadliest shark assault in 2020 is highlighted on a TV show named Great White Open Ocean.

Partington is one of the valiant shark jumping experts with long periods of involvement with Great White Shark study and creation. He has spent the better piece of fifteen years overseeing the travel industry including extraordinary white sharks on Guadalupe Island in Mexico.


In the years that followed, he worked together with various notable photographic artists, sea life scientists, and untamed life experts from around the world. He has likewise ventured to every part of the globe, zeroing in on shark conduct and perception.

He was acclaimed for his stunning work as a security jumper, plunge educator, and submerged picture taker. Furthermore, he is highlighted in various unfamiliar news sources, including National Geographic, BBC, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel’s yearly Shark Week.

How Did Jimi Partington Have A Stroke? Shark Week’s Divemaster Story A monstrous White Shark went after Jimi Partington in the sea while he was going for Shark Week in 2020. Specifically, a Great White Shark destroyed his chamber while he was inside the nook recording, constraining him to swim back to the surface to save his life.

He did, in any case, try not to be gone after that day by an enormous, perilous white shark. He was purportedly in an unmistakable enclosure while a shark swam nearby his cell in the Shark Week film and didn’t suffer a heart attack.

After the shark struck the enclosure and heaved him into the water, Jimi endeavored to enter the phone at the end of the day figured out how to swim back to the adjoining boat and saved his life. Individuals were shocked by the recording as Discover delivered it.

What has been going on with Jimi Partington? Complete Timeline A jumping experience in 2019 occurred near Guadalupe Island, Mexico, where shark expert Jimi Partington, 36, from Manchester, shot film of the creatures hunting there.

The inquisitive shark weighed around two tons and was a completely evolved female. Jimi professes to have seen this particular hunter in the sea previously, and he gave her the name “Slug” in view of a curious marking on her dorsal balance that looks like a shot opening.

A Great White shark packs a bunch of 300 sharp, three-sided teeth exhibited in up to seven columns, so anybody sufficiently unfortunate to end up in its mouth is in for an extreme shock. Luckily, the enclosure is made to oppose a beating, so neither the jumpers nor Bullet were harmed.

Jimi Partington Wife, Family and Net Worth Explored The total assets of the shark jumping master Jimi Partington is assessed to be around $1 million. He has collected his fortune through his profession as a maker and jumping master. He has not revealed any data about his better half and his loved ones.

He started functioning as the shark master for Shark Week in 2014, and he has now partaken in seven projects. He additionally showed up in Jaws Awakens: Legend of Phred in 2020 as the shark master.

For a long time, Partington filled in as the show’s co-maker and camera trained professional. On July 24, 2022, he will be back with his story for the shiny new narrative Great White Open Ocean.

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