How Jobberman is bridging the gap between employers and young Nigerians at the entry-level phase

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is expected to reach 33% by 2022, making it imperative for a thriving economy to create opportunities for young talents with unique skills to secure a job regardless of years of experience. Recognizing  the significance of youth contributions to economic growth, leading career platform Jobberman has launched an employer-focused initiative – Jobberman Starter Offer, to contribute to job growth and provide an enabling environment for employers looking to give young talents a head-start in their careers.

The Jobberman Starter Offer initiative is an outgrowth of the company’s ongoing partnership with Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works. It will allow companies to use Jobberman’s Job listing product for jobs requiring 0-3 years of experience over the next three months.

With this initiative, Jobberman hopes to bridge the gap between improving candidate uptake and facilitating entry into companies by supporting mass recruitment, entry-level jobs, internships, and graduate-level jobs.

Youths -many of which fill up the entry-level role- are argued to hold the key to driving a positive work culture and profitable business. Their energy, doggedness, and ability to adapt make them a valuable source of talent. With the Jobberman Starter Offer, companies can now pitch their entry-level job openings to an array of young talents spread across the country for free.

Although some career specialists have argued that the average entry-level candidates are largely unemployable due to a lack of skills and experience; however, the benefits of having early starters outweigh the cons. For instance, entry-level staff breathe fresh air; they usher in new ideas and ways of working. Also, they keep staffing costs modest as well as increase workplace diversity. Moreover, organisations that successfully nurture an entry-level employee’s talent will likely be rewarded for the employee’s loyalty and dedication for a long time.

Jobberman understands these dynamics as part of crucial success enablers for many organisations and has continuously created initiatives that seek to increase young job seekers’ employability skills while educating employers on the need to open its space to early starts. On the side of the employees, Jobberman, in the last two years, has persistently advocated for self-education and training and has made soft-training packages available for free on its platform for these candidates. The leading recruitment platform also offers CV review services, and hosts events focused on closing the unemployment gap in the country.

A continuous trend in these paths could see us close the unemployment gap in the country sooner than we think, especially for early starters.

The Jobberman Starter Offer initiative and its partnership with the Mastercard Foundation advance its commitment to solving talent issues in the country and contributing to reducing Nigeria’s unemployment rate.

For information on the initiative, employers can visit  and get started.

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