How many children does CJ So Cool have? Mothers Royalty and Ni’Kee Lewis get into physical altercation after break-in

CJ So Cool has been in the titles since he revealed a supposed break-in into his home at 3 am toward the beginning of the day.

The YouTuber is back at the center of attention, however this time as a result of his previous accomplices who got into a supposed actual battle in the city. Supposedly, Ni’Kee Lewis and Sovereignty Johnson were seen expanding each other via online entertainment. Notwithstanding, things got uglier after they were found in a road squabble via virtual entertainment.

While the two have been continually slamming each other via web-based entertainment, CJ So Cool’s previous accomplices got into an actual battle after they transferred various stories. In their Instagram stories, they asked another to “pull up” outside their homes.

Everything began when Eminence shot a video of herself where she should have been visible external Ni’Kee’s home. This was all finished during a live meeting that was gone to by in excess of 30,000 individuals. She can heard say:

CJ So Cool, whose genuine name is Cordero James Brady, is a dad of 3 children, a couple of twins with his ex, Eminence, and another little girl, Camari from Ni’Kee. He likewise thinks about Sovereignty’s three children, from a past relationship, as his own and is a mentor to them.

While Eminence, Cj So Cool’s ex, continually slammed Ni’Kee and undermined and tested her by coming external her home, Ni’Kee, didn’t stay silent. The last option immediately transferred a couple of additional accounts, where she said:

Nonetheless, the two simply didn’t stop there, and Eminence later posted a couple of additional accounts where the two should have been visible taking part in an actual squabble with each other. She likewise showed a minor cut on her eyebrow, which supposedly occurred because of the actual battle.

While a large portion of the recordings were erased from web-based entertainment, supporters rushed to record the recordings where the two ladies should be visible beating each other in the city.

Web-based entertainment clients responded to the actual battle among Eminence and Ni’Kee
The recordings caused a buzz via virtual entertainment and had individuals discussing it as many discussed who was on the right track and who was off-base. While some guaranteed Eminence “had it,” others noticed that the battle was a tie between both of CJ So Cool’s exes.

The Shade Room additionally announced that fans reached the resolution that the show turned out to be more serious after Ni’Kee brought up that Eminence didn’t have her twins “normally” like Ni’Kee did. Eminence had supposedly had the twins through IVF.

The recordings posted via virtual entertainment have gotten large number of perspectives from individuals who are remarking on CJ So Cool’s relationship with the exes. Notwithstanding, he is yet to remark on the fight between his exes, as he is as yet recuperating from the gunfire episode that occurred the week before.

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