“I am hungry”- Little girl repeatedly tells crowd after being called to give Easter speech

A woman posted a video of her daughter pouring out her heart to visitors during her Easter presentation.

The small child in the TikTok video uploaded by @carlyssaford couldn’t finish her words and instead revealed that she was hungry.

While uploading the video on her official account, the girl’s mother expressed regret that her daughter picked that moment to publicly shame her.

The visitors burst out laughing as the child repeatedly confessed on stage that she was really hungry.

Carlyssaford captioned the video: “Easter speech gone wrong kids so embarrassing. Kids know how to embarrass you! Jordynn you had one job.”

Netizens who watched the video found the little girl’s hunger declaration understandable and hilarious.

They all stormed the comments section to react to the funny clip which has been trending on TikTok.

Autum reacted: “Lmao she real for that.”

Julie said: “She so real fa date.” Eshaa reacted: “I’m withcha when u right girl.”

Travis Ware said: “That’s right baby girl! Keep it real.”

MissRavon said: “She said not on an empty stomach!!”

Ms. Keke reacted: “That’s all right baby take ya time.”

Chiquita Thomas746 reacted: “I be hungry to when I’m at church and be texting my cousin where we gone eat at.”

BrandonJCustoms_ said: “That first hungry sent me to a place.”

Spencer said: “My son in sunrise service…” Ma, I thought we were eating first!”

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