“I feel bad that Mohbad’s mom, who abandoned him 15yrs ago, is the one ‘enjoying’ at his house in Lekki” – Man laments

In a recent video, a Nigerian man expressed anger with late Mohbad’s mother’s continued residence in his Lekki home, while his father lives in poverty in Ikorodu despite his attempts.

The young man bemoaned in the video that Mohbad’s father, who had been with him for a long time, is no longer enjoying the same comforts as Mohbad’s mother.

The young man in the video claimed that Mohbad’s mother should not be living in his Lekki home or enjoying a luxurious life.

He stated that the mother had abandoned her son, Mohbad, many years ago, but she has now returned to reside at her late son’s house in Lekki following his death.

The man clarified that he does not support the father’s actions or statements, but he believes it is unfair for the woman to be living comfortably while the father, who should also have a place in such circumstances, has faced online criticism.

His statement was primarily in his native language but was translated to English: “The father has suffered a lot over Mohbad; however, I do not support what the man said.

“But one thing in life is that not all of us know how to talk. The man is still grieving, and he might have said many things because of that. However, I blame the Ikorodu boys who went to his place to interview him.”

“The woman, who didn’t suffer and ran away for about 15 years, is now at home enjoying the cool weather.”

“She is in Lekki, enjoying the cool weather while the whole world is against the man.”


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