“I nearly lost my life after drinking pure water in Nigeria” — US based lady claims

A woman from the United States has said that she is presently struggling for her life after ingesting a sachet of clean water while visiting her father’s home in Nigeria.

She published the video on her Tiktok profile, @theshoefreak_, and it has now gone viral, with millions of views.

The lady, who was born to a US mother and a Nigerian father, visited Nigeria for the first time to savor the Nigerian experience.

However, she was disappointed when she ended up in the hospital after drinking clean water.

The lady revealed that she stayed at her grandfather’s house on the mainland, where she saw the water and chose to drink it out of curiosity.

When she told an uncle she drank one, he told her it was called pure water and she should have not drank it.

Days later, she was confronted with the repercussions and had her blood cleansed with antibiotics in the hospital.

Watch the video here.

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