I will arrest you and your parents if you insult me on social media – Pastor Ibiyeomi

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the general overseer of Salvation Ministries, has threatened that he will get anyone who insults him on social media arrested alongside their parents.

Ibiyeomie  also threatened to fight his critics spiritually, physically and legally.

Speaking at his church in Port Harcourt, the controversial cleric said: “All those people who are on their laptop now, who have no work. They won’t listen to what I am preaching. They are waiting for me to say something then they say.

“You won’t hear what I am preaching. Your work is to sit down on the laptop. I’m preaching now, some people on social media.. all they do.. That’s why they are not progressing because all they do is to listen for what I will say so they can misquote me. If you misquote me…, just misquote me; I will fight you spiritually, physically, legally

“I have made up my mind. Nobody on social media insuIt me. I will arrest you arrest your father, your mother. I lock you up. You know the reason? It is because you don’t lock people up, that is why they are joking. It is against ethics to misquote somebody.

“I will take legal action against you. By the time I tell you 10 billion Naira damage, because my capacity is 50 billion. All your life’s savings, you will pay. When somebody misquotes you, don’t take it for granted. Do you know it is against the law for somebody to snap you in public without your permission? Ask lawyers they will tell you.

“You are intruding into my privacy; I sue you. By the time I claim N10 to 20 billion, your father and your mother will come and beg. I will follow you with police, army, prayer, everything. Next time you will learn how to talk.

“If anybody insults you don’t say “church; arrest the person”. Lock the person up, go to court, win the case, let the judges sentence him to imprisonment with green uniform. The person will leave you alone.”


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