“I Will Dollars to See Speed Darlington Any Day, anytime” – Video Shows Crowd At Speed Darlington’s Sold Out Concert In Owerri

A video making the rounds on social media shows the multitude of Nigerians who came out to see Speed Darlington play.

The musician apparently planned and promoted a gig in Owerri on his own, and a large crowd attended.

A viral video showed the artist singing for fans who had purchased tickets to see him on stage.

Winco_3 shared the video on X app with the caption: “People really bought tickets to see Speed Darlington perform yesterday. Ps: this is his own show, hosted and promoted by him.”

@Gucci Starboy reacted: “Lol speedy get him own juice normally! If he brings show come my area, I go attend.”

@Dopeboy said: “Once you got confidence you can sell anything and ppl will buy.”

@Favy 09 said: “I’m sorry but I would pay top dollar to see speed Darlington anyday anytime.”

@Big Fed reacted: “Pls are you sure it’s yesterday? Cuz this is giving 2012 energy.”

Cjay youngest reacted: “Happened last night at muna suites in owerri imo state.”

@Just captain6 said: “Bro jokes out… his resilience is second to none.”

Bourby3 added: “Music no hard na u want make history of selling 40k capacity. Me sef want do show for ikorodu if na ikd garage I fit sell out I don blow.”

Watch the video below:

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