Is Adrian Durham Leaving talkSPORT Radio, Where Is He Going To Work?

Adrian Durham is to be sure leaving talkSPORT Drive following 16 years. This doesn’t mean he is going the radio channel; it is only the show he is saying goodbye to.

He was born on May 13, 1969, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. He studied at Dogsthorpe School and began his telecom profession in Leeds in the mid 1990s chipping away at the TEAMtalk telephone utility.


He joined talkSPORT in 1999 and has been working for the radio organization for north of twenty years. His declaration to leave the show Drive, for which he was ever-present and basically interchangeable.

Is Adrian Durham Leaving talkSPORT Radio? After the declaration recently by Adrian Durham that he is leaving the long-running show, Drive, fans were left puzzling over whether he is going talkSPORT for good. Nonetheless, it very well may be affirmed that he isn’t leaving the radio organization yet the program.

Durham tweeted on Monday, July 25, declaring that the night’s show was his last Drive show. He has been the anchor person for a very long time and has been facilitating the show on non-weekend days between 4 pm and 7 pm close by previous England cricketer Darren Gough.

In this way, for the present, Adrian Durham isn’t leaving talkSPORT. What he will do straightaway or which show he thinks of stays a secret for only two or three hours now, as he prodded an unexpected treat for later the show.

Besides, Durham is booked to introduce the Manchester City versus Liverpool Community Shields match set to be hung on July 30, affirming that he isn’t leaving the radio broadcast.

Where Is Adrian Durham Going To Work? At this point, Adrian Durham has not uncovered where he will work straightaway. He has quite recently declared leaving Drive; in any case, he has not uncovered his next stop.

The 53-year-old left the declaration captivating when he said there would be a few shocks during the show. Perhaps, he will declare his best course of action or his arrangements.

Durham has been an always present figure for the radio channel as his show is one of the most well known on talkSPORT. Fans enthusiastically anticipate the present show to know the Peterborough-born moderator’s next adventure.

Adrian Durham’s Net Worth In 2022 The specific total assets of Adrian Durham isn’t uncovered at this point. Nonetheless, a gauge says that the talkSPORT have is actually worth £1 million.

Durham has been working for talkSPORT for over 10 years now. He joined the radio divert in 1999 and is working for them till currently, making him one of the longest-serving moderators on the organization.

Having worked for such a long time for one of the top radio broadcasts in England, most would agree that Durham’s compensation is well. He should be perhaps of the most generously compensated moderator on the organization by his experience alone.

Adrian Durham is on Twitter. He is trailed by 409K individuals for him, @talkSPORTDrive.

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