Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant In 2022 With Blueface Baby? Baby Bump Or Weight Gain

Chrisean Malone, otherwise called Chrisean Rock, is a Los Angeles-based rapper who rose to conspicuousness in the wake of showing up on the unscripted TV drama “Blue Girls Club.”

Chrisean Rock is a notable American online entertainment big name, model, and performer. Her self-named YouTube channel is notable for its amazing content.


Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant In 2022 With Blueface Baby? The talk of Chrisean Rock becoming pregnant with Blueface Baby is famous via virtual entertainment, after she transferred an image of her with a midsection knock.

The image was from the previous evening’s party in Los Angeles, California where she was having a twofold date with another couple.

In any case, the misguided judgment is cleared up in the remarks region by her fans. Some accept she is pregnant, while others accept it was the alcohol, not the child, that made her stomach blow up.

Also, one of her adherents expressed, “Ladies ought to know that they could seem swelled some of the time. It’s crazy the number of pregnant remarks that are right there.”

Beforehand, in January, she shared a photograph of a pregnancy test that seemed to uncover positive outcomes. In any case, it was subsequently eliminated.
Albeit the photograph was erased, it caused commotion via online entertainment. Individuals were quarreling about it, and Blueface’s name was referenced.

Nonetheless, he in the end explained the circumstance and expressed that the allegation was false. Indeed, even currently, certain individuals accept she is anticipating a kid.

Thus, the vast majority misjudged her most recent picture.Regardless of their regular and private excursions, the two have never disclosed their relationship.

While under isolation, Rock showed up in Blueface’s existence program “Blue Girls Club.” While she was a member in the show, she got the rapper’s actual name, “Johnathan Jamall Porter,” inked on her body as an image of her commitment to him.

Sadly, she likewise lost a tooth in a battle with Jaidyn Alexis, one of the rapper’s child mothers.

The artist as of late expressed that they still energy and get around, however Rock is conniving for a genuine relationship. He expressed that he wanted somebody on whom he can depend, and Complex reports that Rock isn’t that individual.

Rock, then again, was prepared to tell her side of the story, asserting that she finds it entertaining that he doesn’t fear losing her. She additionally communicated her disarray regarding the reason why he goes about as though he doesn’t cherish her.

Does Chrisean Rock Have A Baby Bump Or It’s Weight Gain? Chrisean Rock seems to have weight gain or a swelled paunch after the persistent party, however it’s anything but a child knock. A portion of her supporters recommended that she was celebrating for two days in a row causing her paunch to appear to be a pregnant one.

In any case, it’s false.Moreover, Blueface Baby is anticipating his second kid with his child mother Jaidyn Alexis. Embraces, chuckling, and screeches of fervor welcomed rapper Blueface’s declaration that he will be a dad for the subsequent time.

His life partner Jaidyn took to online entertainment to video herself amazing him with the news, which he seemed charmed with. At the point when the post was distributed, the two were on a scaled down get-away in Miami, investing energy with their families.

“I think Christmas showed up before the expected time this year,” it was subtitled.

Jaidyn Alexis caught the almost one-and-a-half-minute video film of herself giving him a ‘present’ enclosed by a little box with tissue, to which he asked, “What is this?” and his child answered, “open it!”

The present was uncovered to be a home pregnancy test. “Indeed!” he shouted. I had an inclination! I had an inclination! Furthermore, I was right.” “You understand what it is?” he scrutinized his child. It’s either your younger sibling or sister.” “I truly do need a brother,” the young person said.

The contacting scene immediately became a web sensation, and everybody rushed to salute the couple.

Chrisean Trolled Blueface Rubbing Pregnant Jaidyn Alexis Belly Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis, he guardians of two got together for their girl’s child shower throughout the end of the week, and Chrisean didn’t appear to see the value in the gushy sentiments!

Rather than “awww” minutes, Chrisean and Blueface zeroed in on “unequivocal material advance notice.” At Chrisean’s solicitation, they entwined their tongues with more spit, and afterward Blueface spat in Chrisean’s mouth.

A couple of hours after the fact, the couple appeared to be in a lodging. Chrisean first tells Blueface she cherishes him prior to inquiring, “and for what reason would you say you are acting as you don’t have a b***h?”

The disgusting conversation continues forever until Blueface acknowledges to have intercourse with her.

Chrisean seemed to battle with the emotional second during the two or three’s end of the week child shower. Blueface affectionately stroked Jaidyn’s pregnant stomach in one case.

Blueface and Jaidyn are seen presenting together in another picture. His hand was laying on her stomach again.

However the circumstance had all the earmarks of being adequately innocuous, with only two co-guardians sorting things out, Chrisean was most certainly not blissful.

Jaidyn, then again, didn’t return fire as she had already. All things considered, the eager mother chose to push publicizing, lip sing, and show Blueface’s scaled down on her Instagram Story.

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