Is John Cena Sick

Is John Cena Sick: John Cena discusses in an interview why he won’t be changing his startling new look any time soon and why he’s staying with it? WWE fans are shocked by the 16-time world champion’s new style. John Cena has finally spoken up about his startling new appearance. The 16-time WWE world champion recently sported longer hair, surprising fans. He faced criticism on social media after winning the WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne last week by defeating Elias and Kevin Owens after returning to the ring with Bobby Lashley.

Is John Cena Sick

Even so, Cena insists he is unaffected and explains the inspiration behind his new look, as well as why he has no plans to go back to his shorter hair anytime soon. I’m growing out my hair for a film in China, he said when he appeared on the Today Show to discuss Project X, which he’s been filming with Jackie Chan in Shanghai. “I have to cope with it, but online, I’ve been getting a lot of backlashes. It’s an absolute disaster.

“Everyone despises it.”

John Cena, 42, insists he won’t quit filming despite having two months remaining to do so because he doesn’t care about the criticism. When he went back to Australia to wrestle, he claimed it was as though he had “killed people’s childhoods.” “I was going to cut it once the movie was over, but I decided to keep it. I’m going to go with it even though I still have two months of filming left because I appreciate the discomfort and it’s a great way to handle critical comments. Cena will make his ring comeback at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view for the WWE World Cup in Saudi Arabia in November.

The likely return of John Cena to the ring: “The WWE Doesn’t Need Me”

“I might be a step behind and I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to proceed,” I added, in my opinion. Host of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” tells TheWrap. The new “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” host knows how many more WWE appearances he needs to make before he can follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s path to become a Hollywood leading man.

Life-threatening illness during COVID 19 Lockdown

John Cena visits a young WWE fan who is battling a life-threatening illness during COVID 19 Lockdown. While the COVID-19 lockdown was in place, the WWE star paid a surprise visit to a teenage WWE fan who is battling a fatal disease. Read on for more information. John Cena has maintained a special bond with his fans despite ceasing to compete in the WWE and being extremely busy with his Hollywood career. The coronavirus outbreak is still present, but that didn’t stop the wrestler from unexpectedly visiting one of his little fans.

David Castle, a 7-year-old fan, was given an early birthday present by John Cena, who made sure to follow all the necessary procedures. According to a report by Ring Side News, the wrestler-turned-actor was assisted by the Pasco County Fire Rescue in visiting Castle in Tampa Bay. The young fan is currently battling a Wilms tumor. Castle’s illness, which started in his kidney, had progressed to the fourth stage, as determined by specialists last year. Despite his ongoing health crisis, Cena paid a surprise visit to the fan’s home while wearing his WWE gear and additional safety gear.

He initially removed his mask in order to startle the young admirer, but he continued to wear it throughout the duration of the encounter. In a WFLA interview, Tammy Miller, Castle’s mother, spoke about the 43-year-old WWE star’s unexpected visit to her son and revealed that he brought several gifts for him, including two WWE championship belts and autographed t-shirts. Additionally, he packed some of his recognizable armbands. She claimed that her son wept with joy when he saw his favorite wrestler. While Castle was here, they talked about the sport of wrestling and what it’s like to wrestle.

These are the 11 things about John Cena

John Cena has been the biggest star in professional wrestling for as long as anyone can remember. He’s the boss, and everyone likes him. This man comes across as someone who genuinely cares about the world and is sincere because he has given the most wishes to sick children.

His Rap Album Only Reached Number 15:

While Cena’s rap album peaked at No. 15, Vince McMahon only cared about the top spot. As if the worlds of hip-hop and professional wrestling couldn’t coexist any longer,

His Pants Had Poo On Them

Cena acknowledged in a conversation with Nikki Bella that he had feces in his pants during a match with Scott Steiner in the early 2000s. He simply chose to disregard it, winning the match.

He married his high school love:

Who better embodies wrestling than an attractive, ripped single man? If you employ that tactic, women will pay closer attention. The news that the wrestler wed his high school sweetheart may elicit a few “Awws,” but for the female WWE fan, nothing compares to the excitement of fantasizing about becoming his one day.

Physiology of Exercise: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

Would you like to pursue a Ph.D. in Thugonomics? Is it accurate to say that Cena holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science? This is more sleazy than Thugonomics.

Five rapid hand shuffles are all you need.

The WWE actually prefers that you forget the names of the majority of John Cena’s prior signature moves, but this one in particular. One of Cena’s former signature moves was the five knuckle shuffle, a slang term for playing pocket pool against the one-eyed snake.

He is heavily influenced by Vanilla Ice: Kevin Beat Up on Him:

The early Cena character resembles Vanilla Ice quite a bit, and Cena’s attire indicates that he is participating in the joke. Having Britney Spears’ backup dancer and baby daddy appear on your show used to be a huge deal; in fact, it was a big deal when “K-Fed” debuted at the WWE.

Is John Cena Sick
Is John Cena Sick

His favorite actor is personally Harrison Ford

How much does Vince receive for each time a Harrison Ford film is watched? I’m worried that nothing will happen. When asked “Who is your favorite actor,” Vince would only take the response “Me, haven’t you watched The Marine?”

He is an anime nut:

In addition to enjoying the movie Fist of the North Star, Cena enjoys watching anime. He might not dress up as his favorite character at Comic-Con, but he’s certainly close enough.

His two careers have come to an end:

One of the most talked-about stories of the year was Nexus vs. WWE. Cena has frequently expressed his disagreement with how the situation was handled in public, and he undoubtedly didn’t want any of the wrestlers involved to experience any difficulties. Instead of putting the Nexus out of their agony, Cena was the right choice to bury them.

He slapped Stephanie McMahon in the butt:

In a 2003 Smackdown program, John Cena gave Steph the boot. The incident in which Cena publicly humiliated his boss’s daughter in front of the entire world didn’t seem to have any negative effects on his career. At the time, Stephanie was engaged to HHH, and Cena had just tried unsuccessfully to win her over with a freestyle. Now we know who bought his album.

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