Is John Kevin Woodward Arrested For The Murder Of Laurie Houts?

John Kevin Woodward, living in the Netherlands, is in authority because of his contribution in the Murder instance of Laurie Houts.

Laurie Houts’ homicide case traces all the way back to 30 years in 1992 when she was found dead in the vehicle left on the 1300 block of Crittenden Lane close to a landfill a pretty far from her work environment.

Her homicide case went to preliminary two times, however they couldn’t rebuff John Kevin as there was no adequate proof because of the improvement of the new innovation; the Police of Mountain View at long last settled her homicide case.

Is Readytech CEO John Kevin Woodward Arrested For The Murder Of Laurie Houts? John Kevin Woodward got captured for the homicide of Laurie Houts on September 5, 1992. Police accepted him in care when he showed up at the JFK air terminal from Amsterdam.

John Kevin was the essential suspect in the homicide instance of Laurie, and his impressions were found external the vehicle of the vehicle where Laurie’s dead body was found, however there was no proof to demonstrate that he was inside the vehicle and killed Houts.

John was the flat mate of Laurie’s sweetheart, and as per the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, he was transparently desirous of Laurie. He appears to have fostered a solitary heartfelt connection with his flat mate.

Additionally, when his flat mate found out if he killed his sweetheart, he didn’t deny or acknowledge it yet rather asked what the examiners knew. In addition, there was no explanation to demonstrate where he was around evening time Houts was killed.

John was required the homicide preliminary two times, yet there was insufficient proof to get him captured for killing Louise, so he changed the spot and was living in the Netherlands as the CEO of web based preparing organization Readytech.

John Kevin Jail Sentence And Mugshot The police captured John Kevin Woodward on Saturday, July 9, 2022. is under their authority. Because of the development in DNA innovation, the DNA found in the rope used to choke and kill Lousie matched the DNA of John.

The Santa Clara County Crime Lab found that his DNA matched the executioner. Additionally, they had gathered north of 80 inert fingerprints at the hour of Lauries’ demise and rethought them.

During the reevaluation, they viewed that as the vast majority of John’s fingerprints coordinated with the inert fingerprints, clarifying that he was the killer of Laurie.

He is currently in authority and will later be available for the preliminary. As per the adjudicator’s decision, he will be given a prison sentence, and his mugshot may be delivered after he goes to jail.

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