Jnr Pope: Remains of sound engineer exhumed; to be transported home for befitting burial

After dying in a boat accident alongside actor Junior Pope, the late sound engineer Precious Ofurum’s remains have been excavated and will soon be returned to his home for burial.

A few weeks ago, a boat tragedy along the Anam River in Anambra state claimed the lives of late actor Junior Pope and many members of his crew, sending the whole social media community into grief.

The depressing event had generated a range of responses and led to more complex drama.

The bodies of people who had died at the river were supposed to be buried on the banks of the river.

After being first interred there, Precious Ofurum’s body has since been dug out and is being transported to his hometown for a befitting burial.

A video that went viral on the internet showed the remains being dug up by a few people who then took his coffin-filled body to a car that was supposed to take it back home.

Check out some of the reactipns…

officialdrcherry stated: “What nonsense thanksgiving are you doing with someone else’s corpse? Anyway what did i expect from a grown calling himself “Scooby Doo”🙄 ndi ara! Everyone in that Asabawood trying so hard to tap into the death of their colleagues for clout and page growth 😤”

mediaemenikeofficial commented: “One of the survivors is doing thanksgiving infront of the dead body of his colleague 😢 ndi asaba sef 🤮”

magical_queenz remarked: “He left home to work and was brought back in a coffin. So sad, may God protect us 😢”

_pretty_ceo stated: “💔in the pursuit of wealth may we not return dead in Jesus name”

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