Joburg Water struggles to pump water, leading to supply disruptions: Sekwaila

The City of Joburg MMC for Environment and Infrastructure service ClIr Jack Sekwaila says Johannesburg Water often faces challenges in pumping water, leading to intermittent or complete water supply disruptions for residents in the affected zones.

Giving an update on water challenges, Sekwaila announces that to alleviate the situation, the entity has deployed 50 roaming water tanker trucks and positioned 56 stationary water tanks.

“We are pumping water in Rahima Musa Mother and child hospital Roof 10 to ensure patients have enough water supply. While the Helen Joseph Hospital is being fed directly through the tower system Johannesburg Water regularly monitors the supply to both hospitals. Johannesburg Water has also been sending out communication twice a day to update residents and ward councilors on the system.”


Struggle for residents 

Gauteng residents, who have been experiencing water outages for the past few days, say their daily lives have been severely affected.

Several areas including South Hills, Midrand, Naturena, Berea and Linden have been left with little to no water since Wednesday.

This is due to a power failure that occurred at Rand Water’s Zuikerbosch Water Treatment Plant at midnight on Tuesday.

Some Midrand residents say their daily lives have been a struggle.

“It’s been very hectic. It’s been very difficult and it makes it very hard to cope in your daily life. It makes it hard to bath, hard to cook because when you come from work there is no water,” says one resident.

Another resident claims, “It makes it hard to go out buying water and spending so much and it’s difficult to wash dishes and clothes and we have to boil whatever little water we have and it also uses a lot of electricity and sometimes we don’t even get water in the shops in Midrand.”


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