Joey Akan lampoons Spyro for criticizing Shallipopi’s ‘Para Dey Body’ lyrics

Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, also known as Spyro, a Nigerian fast-rising artist and “Who’s Your Guy” crooner, has been reprimanded by skit maker Nasboi and music journalist Joey Akan for insulting the song lyrics of singer Shallipopi and other secular singers.

Spyro, on a recent podcast, The Honest Bunch, presented by Nedu, criticized Shallipopi for the lyrics to his songs, particularly the most current tune, “Elon Musks.”

While emphasizing that Shallipopi releases lyrics that cause people to embrace fraud, Spyro emphasized that the value of releasing songs with meaningful lyrics should not be overlooked.

Joey called out Spyro for his comment, pointing out that Spyro gets his money in a secular industry but continues to degrade his colleagues while promoting Jesus.

Describing Spyro’s actions as Hypocrisy, Joey wrote;

‘’This boy Spyro received his biggest ever song by working with worldly-adjacent artists. He chose Tiwa Savage for a collaboration over his faith-based colleagues.

“Chioma Jesus and Dunsin Onyekan lost out on “who’s your guy,” remix.*

“He’s also signed to a worldly label, performs at worldly events, including an upcoming activation for Trophy, an alcoholic brand that caters to nightlife and winebibers.

“But he never fails to attack his colleagues ceaselessly, their professional output, and their themes of escapism and realism. Add that to a collaboration with DJ Neptune and Iyanya, two ‘worldly’ music stalwarts.

“He also will not grace his gospel podcasts, but try to harness numbers from a “worldly” podcast.

“Talking about how he hates the secular industry because he is “for Jesus.” While working in it, serving it, benefiting from it, and making a living out of it.

“I call hypocrisy. Promoting Jesus, but dining in the lucrative altars of mammon.”

Also reacting to Spyro’s comment on Instagram, Nasboi questioned if he uses his music to promote christ.

He wrote, “Brooooooo like!!!! What’s your job? Music. Do you use your music to talk about Christ? NO! Omuh you Judging as a Chris is a turn off. Talk too much man”

Some other netizens also cautioned the singer, advising him to stop talking too much as a man and music artist.

Below are some comments gathered from Instagram:

Ogb_recent_: “This one never be artists na onyeberibe”

Adorable_barbiiee: “Spyro talks too much 🙄I just pray he doesn’t become a one hit wonder !.”

Thetaragold: “Someone said if you shout hypocrisy by 2am midnight, Spyro go appear 😭😭”

Mheenarh__: “Likeeee! That his song was not even a religious song and he no feature gospel artiste. He is not in the position to say that at all”

Mr_uzz: “Drag the shit out of him. Rubbish. Shebi he just recently sang one where there was bumbum. Capping shit”

Toluylene: “Love Spyro but have to agree with Joey on this…na only God sabi who go enter heaven”

iam_abelson: “Aparo abi wetin be the guy name, why is he not doing gospel? He could have featured Pastor Adeboye on his songs.”

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